Pros and Cons of Biometric Access Systems

Most modern buildings can improve their security and monitoring systems by combining the technology of CCTV with your current intercom solution and the biometric door access system. But before you decide which biometrics system can be integrated with your IP CCTV, you should keep in mind the following advantages and disadvantages of the most sophisticated door access control system.

Difficult to Fake
It is easy to track access entry using facial biometric, voice recognition and thumbprint biometric unlike mechanical keys. That is because the keys are the physical features of the person such as the facial structure, voice and fingerprint which have unique characteristics. It will not be easy for a person to lose this key unlike the memorization of numbers in a pin access door system and the use of a physical card for a card access door system.

Better Authentication
CCTV camera surveillance can double as a tool for facial biometric. There is no need for people to get close to a scanner to be identified by the security, making it a convenient tool for better authentication and identification in any office or building in Singapore. This type of access system not only limits access to areas in the building but is also a constant monitoring tool to keep the occupants safe. This can be integrated with a sophisticated IP camera system and intercom system to maximize security.

Data is Non-Transferable
Because the physical features of a person are unique, it is easier to identify fakes and impostors within a few seconds using a security camera. Other door access systems without biometric authentication are more prone to errors of identification and verification and use a lot of storage just for the data. With the biometric door access offered by Singapore secure office products and systems, the person can be identified within five seconds with minimal chance of mistaken identity.

Easy to Use
The door access control system is quite easy to use, not only because the technology continuously improves, but because it can be integrated easily with other existing systems like the CCTV security cameras. Scanning and storing new data for authorized personnel are easy, too. The IP camera can also be used to monitor footage of office staff in Singapore and to check attendance, absences, and many more.

There Might Be Errors
There is a chance that the security camera or the thumbprint biometric might falsely reject or falsely accept a data if the system is unable to scan the individual’s physical characteristics. It can be addressed with proper maintenance of the intercom system and measures set in place in case this happens.

Information such as fingerprints might be stolen and used for criminal purposes. Incidents like these, however, are rare. This is also why an intercom system connected with the IP camera system is useful for easier coordination with security personnel in case another verification is needed.

Biometric Systems are Expensive
Small businesses in Singapore might not be able to enjoy the benefits of an access system although they can opt for several IP camera to monitor the people coming and going from the office. Setup, storage, and maintenance of IP CCTV might also be an expensive investment, so most experts might offer options that are affordable to small-time companies. However, you can opt to use an analog camera and a cheaper SIP intercom for small offices.

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How to Quickly Boost Creativity in 4 Easy Steps

Being more creative means being able to come up with better ideas and better solutions to problems, and all jobs would eventually require it to some extent. This is true especially if you find yourself stuck trying to solve a problem or coming up with a new idea.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to get your creative juices back on track. Here they are to get you started:

1. Doodle away.
If you’ve ever seen notebooks or scraps of paper full of doodles, there’s a good chance that the result of those doodles are some great idea or a previously unknown answer to a problem. Doodling is about allowing your pen to move without you thinking, and letting the answer comet to you – a bit like Zen.

2. Listen to music.
Music isn’t just relaxing to listen to or light up certain areas in the brain. For some people, listening to music that they enjoy provides the much-needed “background noise” in order for them to focus on their task. Others will even loop a single song for hours on end.

The key thing to remember is that it has to be music that you enjoy. After all, the last thing you want to be is stuck in a rut while listening to a song you don’t like played on loop.

3. Try something you haven’t before.
Giving your mind the freedom to wander along tangents and other areas that seem completely unrelated will give you surprising results, as this will give you a new perspective on how you see the problem.

Unlike solving analytic problems, creative thinking actually works best at times that you wouldn’t think are optimal. It also helps that you’re doing something you haven’t tried doing before, as this would help to keep your brain on alert at all times as it learns to adapt in order to familiarize a certain situation or scenario.

This could mean taking up a new hobby or two, as this could not only give you a better feeling of excitement, but it could also open up an entirely different opportunity to do something else.

4. Give the problem some time to cook.
The funny twist about getting your pre-frontal cortex to work is that you have to consciously “forget” about it and come back only after a certain amount of time. In fact, you should spend the time doing something else unrelated to the task you’re trying to complete.

This will give the pre-frontal cortex time to comb through the brain as it looks for answers while you actively think of something else. Once you get back to the task at hand, you’ll be able to try a few new things out.

(Disclaimer: This list is compiled in no particular order.)

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5 Reasons Why Going Micro is the Best Option for Your Wedding

Weddings are, no doubt, one of the few most expensive endeavors you will ever find yourself in throughout your whole life. However, more and more people in Singapore and all over the world are proving that this isn’t the case – instead, there are many reasons why you’re actually better off with a smaller one.
Here are a few to get you started:

1. Your wallet will thank you for it.
While you may have saved up enough for a traditional wedding complete with a large venue and an after-party that can seat up to more than fifty (or in some cases, even a hundred) guests, think of how much you will save when you cut the spending.

Even better, the leftover budget can be used for other endeavors, such as…

2. A luxurious honeymoon can be made with a smaller wedding.
The more you save on your wedding, the more you can splurge on the honeymoon (and much-needed break) without having to settle for the second choice just to make your expenses fit.

3. It forces you to open up lot of new avenues (literally).
When the budget is limited, the limits of your imagination and creativity are stretched. The same goes for the number of wedding guests – when you don’t have a lot, you can opt for venues that are cheaper without compromising on the style.

For instance, think of the Botanic Gardens, or even the Singapore Arts Museum as a possible venue. For a cozier touch, you can even hold your wedding on a nearby private island.

4. A more intimate setting allows you to better interact with your guests.
While large weddings with a lot of guests may seem amazing at first, actually being in and organizing one means that you’ll get drained almost immediately as you try to interact with as many as you can.

With a smaller wedding, you actually get to interact with your guests, and settling for pictures can get less awkward when going from one table to another.

5. You actually get a few moments alone with your partner.
Most couples don’t get to relish the moment of officially tying the knot until after the wedding is over and

everything has been packed up, and they would usually be too tired to do so because of a long day of stress.
It also helps if you feel tense around a lot of people, as a few moments alone with your partner will help you to relieve the unease. With a slow dance, you can soak it all in and relish the first moments of the rest of your life together.

(Disclaimer: This list is compiled in no particular order.)

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5 Crucial Signs that Say It’s Time to Call Aircon Servicing for Your A/C Unit

A/C units are an important part of most homes and businesses in Singapore, so it’s important that you take care of them in every way you can.

Working air conditioners often tend to get neglected until they start malfunctioning or stop working altogether, and a malfunctioning air conditioner is something you can’t afford.

Before deciding if you should call in aircon servicing for your unit, here are five things that you need to be on the lookout for:

1. The aircon unit is leaking water.

This is the most common problem people deal with at work or at home, as well as the most annoying (mostly due to run-off that eventually weakens the concrete or the support for the A/C unit).

Why this is bad: Water accumulating inside the A/C unit can cause it to potentially ground and malfunction. Because stagnant water can be home to mold and algae, it can also trigger the allergic reactions of people in the room.

The cause: Leaking water is most likely due to a faulty drainage system.

2. The unit is not cooling as well as it used to.

Over time, your A/C unit will not be cooling as well as it used to, and you will need to set the cooling temperature at a higher level to keep it cooling the same way as before.

Why this is bad: Maximum capacity may overload the unit, which can shorten its shelf life and cause problems in the long run.

The cause: There’s a good chance the filter is blocked by cobwebs, dust, and debris. It could also be caused by broken parts that are not working properly. If you can’t seem t figure out on your own, it’s best to call an aircon maintenance expert.

3. The A/C output smells funny.

Even if you don’t see the output, you can definitely smell something coming from the A/C unit that should not be coming from there.

Why this is bad: This can often indicate other instances of disrepair in any of the unit’s parts or the wiring.

The cause: These can be carcasses of small animals to broken circuitry or wiring, both of which are enough reasons to call an air cooling maintenance company in Singapore.

4. The unit is really loud.

This is an equally common problem characterized by a loud “wailing” sound whenever it is switched on. If this is the case, you need to call aircon servicing as soon as possible.

Why this is bad: This can not only make it difficult for people at home or in the office to focus, it may also be a sign that something in the unit is not working properly.

The cause: Either the fan belt or the fan motor are not lubricated well enough, or are in severe need of replacement, which means that you should contact an aircon servicing or aircon repair service in Singapore right away.

5. There’s smoke coming out.

You can see visible smoke coming out of the air conditioning unit. If this is the case, turn your unit off immediately and unplug it. Call an aircon repair service as soon as possible for a complete overhaul.

Why this is bad: It may explode, especially if you don’t call aircon servicing in Singapore right away.

The cause: The unit may have short-circuited or may have broken circuitry or wiring, which can be dangerous.

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A Cup of Tea Before You Go to Sleep

You know how it goes. We usually wake up with our bodies still glued to our beds and what really wakes us up is that cup of coffee in the morning. Now, what about going to sleep? Tea may be an unusual habit for some but it is actually a really healthy habit which everyone should do. Let’s face it, not everybody starts out wanting to be healthy. But the older you get, the more you slowly realize that you are not superman and that you are as prone to sickness as everybody else.

Everyone wants to enjoy life to the fullest, but what they don’t realize is that they can’t enjoy life to the fullest if they can not even function to the fullest. Our habits get the best of us, slowly tearing us down with every act of abuse against our bodies. Eating healthy is very important but sadly, this is not something we are all fond of doing. Sometimes our pallets matter more than our health. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of healthy food that taste amazing, it’s just that sometimes we prefer to eat foods that aren’t healthy. It’s become a bad habit.

What we usually fear when it comes to healthy living is the dramatic change in lifestyle that does not only scare us but may actually be the reason why we do not push through to change. Well. Think of it this way, everything we do is habitual, and since you started getting used to the things you do on a regular basis, you’ll also be able to get used to healthier alternatives.

Something really destructive which we find ourselves regularly doing is drinking soft drinks before going to bed. Softdrinks aren’t actually a good form of refreshment, they add sugar to your body but they do not actually refresh your body. The best form of refreshment is water. Now how about tea? Well, tea is definitely very healthy! Depending on the tea you choose to buy, the effects can vary.

A cup of tea before bed does not only cleanse your body but the aroma also relaxes your brain. A cup of tea before bed helps normalize your situation, get rid of stress, normalize your breathing and blood flow, and so much more. Tea does not just have a physical effect on you but also a psychological effect. Drinking a cup of tea before bed is a really healthy habit that is also very enjoyable. A cup of tea is not only good for the body, it is also good for the soul.

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Stay Full but Eat Less

Some people believe that the more food they eat, the more full they become, this is not usually the case. Because of this belief, a lot of people end up over-eating and this means putting on more weight than they are suppose to. Now, gaining weight is not a bad thing, unless of course it is more than you are actually suppose to and it is starting to affect your normal physical functions. How do you prevent yourself from eating more than you should?

Here are a couple of ways for you to be able to eat just the right amount:

1. Eat something an hour before your meal
Having something to eat at least an hour before your actual meal helps fill in your stomach and get rid of the hunger. Some people think that starvation helps you eat less and therefore lose weight, this is absolutely false. Having your metabolism working perfectly is the only way you will be able to maintain a good weight and keep your body at a good proportion.

2. Drink the right amount of water
Some people do not realize that drinking water regularly would not only help them keep hydrated but also keep their stomachs with full for a while. This helps them to refrain from unwanted hunger and also helps keep your circulation and digestion in order.

3. Healthy snacks
If you are hungry, you should eat! But this does not mean that you are free to eat just about anything, there are a certain number of food you should be stay away from and a certain number of food you should actually be eating. Eating healthy especially at the right time is a great way to save yourself from starvation.

4. Eat at the right time
The right time to eat is very important but it is also important to eat at the right time. Setting aside a specific time to eat allows your body to normalize your metabolism and digestion habits which play a huge role in determining your weight.

Not much people know the exact amount of food they should actually be eating and this is why most people end up eating way too much or way too little or even eating at the right time. There are a lot of factors which play a part in how much weight you put on and knowing them is just half important as applying them. The important part of your diet is discipline. It does not matter how much you know if you aren’t even able to apply the basic principles of discipline towards yourself. Eating less doesn’t necessarily mean starvation. There are always ways for you to be able to eat not just the right amount of food, but also stay away from hunger.

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Why Start-Ups Need Professional Logo Design

Every business needs a high-quality and well-thought logo to represent their company.

For many start-ups in Singapore, one of the ways for them to save on operation expenses is to design the company logo themselves or copy any logo they can find in the internet. While it can really save you a lot, the problem is that it will not make your brand stand out from thousands of businesses in the same industry.

Since you aim to stand out from the rest, make your own unique mark. It is important to let only a Creative Design Agency create your company logo.

Here are the reasons why we highly recommend professional logo design for your growing company.

1. Unique Identity

Take a moment and try to think about the logos of McDonald’s, Nike, Coke or Wendy’s. What do you think these logos have in common? Well, they are all globally recognized by consumers, and they allow people to connect with their companies through their branding.

Your business’ identity is extremely important, especially if you are a start-up, because if you fail to make your company stand out, your name will likely get lost in a crowded industry.

A logo that is professionally designed by a Creative Design Agency like Chun Tsubaki incorporates more than just visual appeal to the image; it is relevant ad has deep connection to the company’s core values and lets consumers recognize your company the next time they see your logo somewhere.

After you have designed your logo with a Creative Agency, you want to stamp it everywhere possible. Not only should your logo be seen on your website, but also on your letterheads, business cards, flyers, emails and in every advertising material. This will help your target market associate the logo with your offered services and products.

2. Instant Recognition

Among the primary reasons why you should get your company logo professionally designed by a Creative Design Company is the instant recognition you will get as a result.

Major brands and businesses know what instant recognition can bring into the table. It is the reason why athletes buy their basketball shoes from that check marked store or you bought your truck at Ford.

When you have your business logo designed by a Creative Agency in Singapore even when you are still a start-up , once you get that logo out in the public, consumers are going to see it, see it more often, and then eventually recognize your name amidst all the brands in the same industry. Once you got your logo inculcated in people’s memory, the next time they see it, they are likely going to try your services or products.

3. Professionalism of Your Company

Observe some of the logos of your competitors. Regardless the simplicity or complexity of the design, you can tell which ones look like they were just copied somewhere and which looked professionally crafted.

Professional Creative Design Services can make your logo look like it is well-though, sending out the signal that your company takes things seriously and professionally. That is the kind of association you need when building your business’ credibility and earning your target audience’s trust for your company.

Know that consumers associate great image with high-quality services. When your logo shows a strong image of quality ad assurance, you get more partners and consumers wanting to do business with your company.

4. Tell Your Story

The company logo is also a way to give consumer’s an idea of your company’s story. For example, the Apple company uses an apple as logo because it is associated with learning, knowledge and information. The apple has bite, or “byte,” on it to create a play on words. Through the company’s logo, when people see the Apple logo, people immediately associates it with technology and innovation.
Just like Apple, and other popular brands, your company logo can carry your business’ story. It subtly communicates the company’s background and values to consumers without overwhelming them.

5. Investing Now Saves Time and Money In the Future

If you decide to set aside professional logo design and go for instant solution of copying anywhere online, you will likely have to go though design overhaul in the future—in many cases, more than one overhaul.

However, if you choose to have your logo designed by a Creative Agency early in the game, you can assure the longevity of your quality logo design. Investing on a quality logo one time is more economical than paying for subpar logos multiple times. Not to mention the waste of time when you have to redesign a logo more than once.

6. First Impression Matters

Perhaps, you know very well that you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Whether it is your website of the logo in your email’s heading, potential business partners and consumers will judge you immediately based on the visual appeal alone.

High-quality logos that are professionally made by a Creative Design Agency help businesses build credibility—and that is priceless! Regardless how great your products or services are, you will not be able to pull in new consumers if you are not inviting enough for them to try out.

Many small businesses in Singapore realize the value of great logo design, but there are also some that don’t. Whether you are just starting it out or have been in the industry for quite some time, it is critical to know the importance of great branding for your business’ bottom line.

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What is Early-Onset Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that primarily affects the elderly aged 65 years and above. There are cases, however, that involve people younger than 65 years who show symptoms of Alzheimer’s. This is called early-onset Alzheimer’s or young-onset dementia which accounts for about 5% of all Alzheimer’s cases.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease
The symptoms for the elderly with Alzheimer’s as well as those younger than 65 years are the same. It is important, however, to talk to a doctor if you know someone who exhibits the symptoms so the specialist can rule out other problems such as anxiety or depression which might be mistaken for Alzheimer’s.

The symptoms of early-onset Alzheimer’s include the following:
1. Changes in the person’s behavior and personality such as depression, apathy, and loss of self-confidence. Sometimes the person might withdraw from interacting with other people.
2. Disorientation and confusion in situations and places that are unfamiliar to the person.
3. Memory problems such as forgetfulness of even the most recent events and messages.
4. Difficulty in solving even the most basic problems and remembering dates, time, and location.
5. Visual problems such as the inability to tell the distance and speed of an object and difficulty in recognizing familiar items and words.
6. Language problems such as aphasia, or the difficulty of finding the correct words when interacting with other people.

These symptoms get worse over time because Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. It will change the person’s life including his/her ability to work and provide for the family, affect his/her relationship with friends and family, and even change his/her daily habits. When the illness has progressed, the person will have severe behavior changes and mood swings, confusion, difficulty speaking and walking, severe memory loss, and suspicion and fear of familiar faces.

Types of Alzheimer’s Disease
For most people affected by the condition regardless of the age, Alzheimer’s disease manifests in two ways; genetic and common.

1. Genetic Alzheimer’s. This is a rare form of the illness, but studies point to the presence of several genes that cause a buildup of the toxic amyloid in the person’s brain. Genetic testing is sometimes recommended in Singapore for families with a history of the disease, but this does not guarantee that all the members of the family will have the same condition.
2. Common Alzheimer’s. This type is the most common Alzheimer’s experienced by affected people. Those with early-onset Alzheimer’s will exhibit the same symptoms as those experienced by the elderly and will progress depending on the person’s response to the condition, genetic makeup, treatment, and other factors.

To determine if a person has early-onset Alzheimer’s, the doctor will perform tests that involve the person’s problem-solving skills, memory and other mental skills. The specialist will also review the medical history, perform spinal fluid, blood and urine tests, MRI and CT scans, and look for biomarkers that will indicate the progress of Alzheimer’s.

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Things You Shouldn’t Say on Your First Date

The first date is always nerve-wracking and worrisome especially if you’ve never had any experience before. Besides worrying how you should dress up, where to take your date, what to eat and what to bring on the first date, you also have to remember a few things when talking to the other person.

Nothing is more embarrassing and awkward than blurting out the wrong things during a conversation, so avoid mentioning the following things on your first date:

Talk About Exes
Never ever talk about past romantic relationships because you’re just getting to know the other person. Even if you’re already acquainted with him/her, it would create a negative atmosphere when you ask about failed relationships. There is a right time and place to talk about such things and the first date isn’t the perfect time for it and it doesn’t matter if you’re in good terms with your ex or if the other person is friends with his or hers.

Ask Why He or She is Still Single
Even if you don’t mean it, it’s like you’re asking if there is something wrong with the other person. Ask about other things such as hobbies and interests instead. You wouldn’t want to be asked the same question, right? I mean, you’re on a date too, so you’re also single.

Taking Time to Decide
Debating where to go next is a problem reserved for couples who are exclusively dating, not for a pair who’s still trying to get to know each other. Always have a plan ready in case your date decides he/she wants to go somewhere else. Let the other person know that you have an opinion and that you’re willing to listen to his/her suggestions.

Ask About the Salary
Why would you want to know how much the other person earns? It’s not like you’re going to get married after the first date, right? You can ask instead where he/she works and if he/she enjoys the job.

Talk About Politics and Religion
If you want to offend someone, just pick any topic about politics and religion. Unless you’re in class or if it’s part of your job, those two should never be part of a normal conversation, especially a first date.

Talk About Sex, Kids and Marriage
The first date is not the right time to talk about having a family yet. Slow down and take your time to get to know each other. Don’t think about getting the other person in bed right away, because your date might not be that type of person. Someday, if everything works out, you’ll have time to plan for the future.

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