5 Signs You Are Coming Off as an Unapproachable Person

There exist people who are just downright approachable. Whether they’re just walking down the street or hanging out in a bar, everyone flocks around them like moths to a flame. Then there’s the rest of us – the ones who appear to be unapproachable, sitting around and wondering what’s up with our surroundings. So how can you break free from appearing as an aloof person? Simply avoid doing the following habits when you’re around new people.

1. Having a Closed Off Body Language

One habit that makes you seem unapproachable to the people around you is having a closed off body language. A good example of this is standing with your arms crossed. We tend to read into body languages, and standing with crossed arms automatically sends a message that you want to be left alone. To correct this habit, simply keep your arms on your side and avoid wrapping them around your mid-section. Also, angle your body towards people so they’ll feel that you’re open to having a conversation with them.

2. Avoiding Eye Contact

Another sure-fire way that will make you come off as unapproachable is constantly avoiding eye contract. Because what’s more difficult than approaching a complete stranger? Approaching someone who won’t acknowledge your presence even with just a brief look. The best way to counter this is to recognize the people around you smiling and showing that you’re aware of their existence. Even if you’re hesitant to start a conversation, your demeanour will surely encourage them to approach you if they want to.

3. Excluding People in a Conversation

Think about the times when you find yourself chatting with new acquaintances. If you developed the habit of excluding people from a conversation – either by putting your back to someone or completely turning away – then that could explain why some of them didn’t bother striking another chit-chat with you.

4. Showing Little Interest With Your Appearance

While it’s advisable that you wear pieces that you’re most comfortable in, some occasions just call in for a little more grooming. Let’s say you show up at a colleague’s wedding in your favourite yoga pants. You might be comfortable with your yoga pants, but your casualness will surely put people off. While it may seem superficial, appearance does matter. Taking pride on how you look will make you more psychologically and physically appealing to others. Not to mention, easier to talk to.

5. Giving Off the Aggressive Vibes

Some people tend to mix aggressiveness with assertiveness. They often see being assertive as being rude, pushy or loud, when it’s actually the exact opposite. So continue walking the tightrope between assertiveness and aggressiveness by increasing your emotional intelligence and your people sensitivity. Don’t forget to consider the feelings of the people around when you’re being assertive, and you’ll be doing it just right.

By unconsciously doing any of these habits, you’ll definitely come off as an unapproachable person. So do put some effort on changing your ways and giving off a positive aura so you could lure in and meet lots of new people.

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Types of Paint You Should Try

Finding the right medium takes trial and error. It’s best to try whatever you can get your hands on so you can explore many possibilities. Here are some that you might want to check out.


Acrylics produce thick, bright paints. They are made from pigment, polymer binder and acryl emulsion. They dry easily, unless retarders are used, and look almost like plastic on the canvas. To thin the paint, extenders or water is used. They can be painted on canvas, wood, metal and others. They come in bottles or tubes that are cheaper than oil. One disadvantage is that you need to clean your brushes right away so that the paint doesn’t dry them.


The name comes from the protein in cow’s milk. It is often used in mural painting and can be painted on wood, plaster, canvas, masonite, and linen. It has a matte finish and is a difficult medium to use because it requires a lot of experience.


When doing an encaustic painting, the pigment is mixed with hot wax. Some mix with with substrates such as resins, linseed oil or beeswax. This technique is a bit more complicated because the colors, sold in blocks, have to be melted first.


Gouache is similar to watercolor but the pigment mixed with gum Arabic is much bigger. It is also mixed with white pigment or chalk to make it opaque. One disadvantage is that they can be water soluble so a finished artwork should be protected and stored properly.


Ink has been used for calligraphy, an art form in itself, but it also used to paint objects. This medium is cheap and is a good practice for drawing figures using a brush.


Oil takes a long time to dry so you can work on a project for days. They are made of pigment and linseed, sunflower or walnut oil. Some types however are water-based. They can be scraped off if you want to change something and produce thick lines ideal for mixing. They are very expensive however and are messy to work with. They need to be thinned using turpentine or linseed oil. Finally, oil art has to be sealed with varnish. Another disadvantage is that the colors change over time and need to be exposed to light.


Some artists consider pastel artwork as painting. Unlike the other media, pastel doesn’t take long to dry and it can be done on paper. It also has more colors and are easier to clean. It’s prone to smudging however.


It is made of pigment mixed with egg yolk or white glue. The white glue makes it a poster paint, while the egg yolk mix gives it a matte finish. They come in jars or tubes.


Also known as aquarelle, watercolor is cheap and easy to use. They are made of pigment and gum and produce transparent colors. They come in tubes or pans. Artists employ soft brushes to hold more paint. They are less messy and are ideal for children.

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A Memorable Wedding Entertainment

Who wants to stay at a wedding party that is dull and boring?

Of course, no one wants to. Now this is where the importance of good entertainment creeps in. As the hosts of the wedding celebration, you want to provide excellent entertainment for your guests simply because they are special to you and that you want them to have a good time.

Singapore Wedding Live Band

Music is a very important ingredient to spice up any special occasion, particularly your wedding. You have a number of options when it comes to having wedding live music. You can choose to hire a DJ or have someone play pre-recorded music through the venue’s sound system. However, the most effective wedding entertainment is a live band. Live bands have high levels of energy which elicits thrill and excitement across the corners of your wedding venue. The liveliness brought by live bands is simply incomparable.

What Type of Music

In choosing a wedding live band in Singapore, you need to determine your preferences in music. This means the genre of music you like best. Are you fond of listening to country music, pop, or disco? Perhaps you like jazz, swing, or classic rock? Remember this is your big day and so everything about it is planned according to what you like. However, as much as you want to do and follow everything you like, you need to also consider your guests. Take note that your wedding party is composed of guests with varying music tastes depending on gender, age, and personality. Therefore, to make everyone happy, you need to be able to compromise everybody’s preferences in music, and that is by hiring a band that is versatile to play any genre of wedding live music.

Picking Out the Best Band

You might be wondering how you can possibly pick out the best Singapore wedding live band when there is an overwhelming selection of live bands available for you to choose from.

One sure way to be able to pick a good live band for weddings in Singapore is through recommendations. Perhaps you have married friends who hired a live band for their wedding. Ask for the contact details of the band leader so you can have a direct communication to him or her.

Another great way to pick out the best band is through a band booking agency. They can help you find and book the wedding live band in Singapore that will best fit your needs. What usually happens is that you as the client would tell your band booking agent what type of live band you like and what amount you are willing to pay. After which, the booking agent will give you a list of the good bands according to the details you have told them. This list comes with links of the bands’ websites wherein you can gain more information about each of them, thus helping you evaluate them further. Usually, a band’s website contains promotional materials, including information about them, photos, videos, and audio samples. Make sure you have gone over the websites of the bands your booking agent suggested before closing any deal.

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Best Foods to Eat to Relieve Your Menstrual Cramps



Endless bleeding, killer cramps and the fear of leaking pads – if you suffer from heavy and painful periods, then these are just some of the things you have to put up with every month. Cravings are also raging at this moment, making anything in the realm of healthy eating seem like a complete test of willpower. Fortunately, there are some healthy (and tasty) foods that you can eat during your period to make this time of the month a little less excruciating.

1. Salmon

Several studies have shown that women who consume a good amount of omega-3 experience milder menstrual cramps. It’s likely because oily fishes like salmon, sardines, trout and mackerel are loaded with powerful anti-inflammatory fats. So aim to eat any of these fishes twice a week, or consume walnuts and flaxseeds to boost your omega-3.

2. Green Leafy Veggies

While they might not be on top of your cravings list, broccoli, kale and spinach are all rich in the anti-cramps mineral magnesium. They’re also loaded with calcium, potassium and vitamins E, B6, C and A – nutrients that are believed to help ease PMS symptoms.

3. Steak

Red meat is known as one of the richest source of iron, which, if you frequently experience heavy periods, could be what your body is crying out for. It’s quite common for most women to be low in iron when they’re on their period, so be sure to eat a good amount of red meat. If you’re a non-meat eater, consume a good amount of beans, lentils and spinach instead. But if your energy levels still don’t improve, immediately get your levels tested as you might need take an iron supplement.

4. Probiotic Yogurt

Calcium is another nutrient known to help relieve menstrual cramps, and there’s not better source for that than consuming a cup of natural probiotic yogurt. One study found that a diet that includes calcium-rich dairy products could aid in lowering the risk of experiencing PMS by 40 percent. Aside from that, probiotic yogurt also contains good bacteria, which promotes a healthy digestive system and helps ease bloating.

5. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate cravings are common during this time of the month. However, consuming excessive sugar might not be a great idea, as it could actually make your PMS symptoms worse. So instead of consuming your regularly milk chocolate, opt for a dark version of it. Dark chocolate contains lesser sugar, but it’s already enough to satisfy your sweet cravings and serve as your source of magnesium.

Menstrual cramps is certainly not the best feeling you’ll ever get to experience – but by knowing what foods to eat, you’ll be able to make the entire process a little less agonizing.


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Why Do Some Women Have Painful Menstruation?

It’s common knowledge that during a woman’s period, she’s going through a lot of changes. It’s understandable therefore that some women don’t look forward to their monthly periods especially those who experience painful cramps.

Understanding Dysmenorrhea

Some women feel irritability, bloating and fatigue—and that’s normal! The body after all is shedding the lining of the uterus, called endometrium, by letting the waste pass through the cervix and finally out the vagina. Pain is felt because the uterine is contracting.

Painful menstruation, or dysmenorrhea, causes cramps in the lower abdomen. It is sometimes accompanied by other symptoms like back and leg pain, diarrhea or constipation, nausea and vomiting, and headache. In some rare cases, a woman experiences period migraine. When the body releases prostaglandins, the woman may have diarrhea and nausea. These chemicals are responsible for increasing the contractions necessary to release the blood. No wonder most women experience intense pain during the first two days because that’s when the levels are much higher.

There are two types of the dysmenorrhea. In primary dysmenorrhea, the pain can start as early as two days before the period and can last for a total of up to four days. Prostaglandin levels are high or imbalanced. The contractions become painful because it cuts off the oxygen to the uterine muscle.

Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by other medical conditions.

Causes of Dysmenorrhea

The following are the known causes of dysmenorrhea:

1. Endometriosis is a condition where the endometrium is growing outside the uterus.
2. Menorrhagia is an irregular prolonged period.
3. Adenomyosis is a condition where the endometrium grows within the uterine muscle. In this condition, monthly periods and sexual intercourse can be painful.
4. Uterine fibroids are not harmful, but they can increase the pain and the bleeding.
5. Pelvic inflammatory disease is usually caused by sexually-transmitted diseases and must be treated because it can cause infertility.
6. Other women also have structure anomalies in the uterus that don’t develop fully.

Managing the Pain

Weeks before your next period, you should exercise regularly. Your doctor will also advise you to manage your weight if you’re overweight.

During your period, over-the-counter painkillers should work on primary dysmenorrhea. Painkillers are quite harmless as long as you follow the instructions on the label. Lie down and keep your legs raised then apply warm compress on the abdomen area. You can also lie down on your side and bend your knees. Wear loose clothing and try to relax.

If painkillers don’t work anymore, consult your doctor for other prescription drugs. Pain that lasts for more than three days also isn’t normal. The doctor will check for other conditions that may be causing the pain.

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Nifty Nails


Humans don’t have claws like other animals, but we have nails that support broad fingertips for grasping objects. Nails can be a good indicator of your health as well. Just like your hair and skin, some changes occur when you have an illness or vitamin deficiency.

That is why it’s important to take care of your nails. They need as much attention as our hair. You don’t need a regular manicure and pedicure to keep them looking healthy. Toenails in particular are often overlooked. Ingrown nails, fungi, and brittle and weak nails are just some of the problems that will develop if you don’t pay attention to them.

What are the secrets to having clean, healthy nails? Here are some tips.

  1. Trim Regularly. Use clippers to trim you nails preferably every two weeks. Longer nails tend to acquire dirt and are prone to cracking and breaking. There is no need to have long nails because they don’t function like the claws in animals. They also interfere in your activities because you will always worry about damaging them. File your nails in one direction every time you trim them.


  1. Give Them a Break. Using nail polish every week could ruin your nails in the long run. Leave your cuticles alone. They help keep your nails protected from bacteria because it seals the base of your nails. Instead of cutting them, use cuticle remover to push them gently with a cuticle stick. If you need to apply nail polish don’t forget to paint the base coat first and the top coat last to protect them.


  1. Always Moisturize. Moisturizers hydrate your nails just like lotions provide protection and moisture for your skin. You don’t need to buy a separate nail lotion or cream if you want to save up. Any regular hand and body lotion will do. Soak your feet in warm water and soap then moisturize when dry. Be gentle with your nails as well. Use gloves when you’re required to soak or dirty your hands to avoid dryness and breakage.

  1. Keep Them Clean. Cleaning under your nails will damage your nails so avoid getting dirt in them. Wash your hands regularly but don’t scrub too hard. Keep them dry always to prevent bacteria and infection. Wash your feet regularly as well, especially the spaces between your toes. This will prevent athlete’s foot, bad odor and bacteria from accumulating. Keep your shoes clean and wear the right size.


  1. Good Hygiene. Don’t bite your nails or chew around them. Take care of your nail tools as well by keeping them clean. Wash with soap and water or wipe them with alcohol. Disposable tools should be replaced regularly. Be careful when you get a manicure and pedicure. Make sure that the tools are kept clean and disinfected to prevent diseases and infection.

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Tips on Managing Your Let-Down Reflex During Express Breast milk


Breastfeeding is not as easy as you think because sometimes, it involves pain and lots of milk. Have you heard about let-down reflex? Let-down reflex is also called milk-ejection. It is a normal reaction after breastfeeding and the key to a successful one. When the baby sucks, it will send message to your brain to release hormones like prolactin and oxytocin.

Prolactin is in charge for producing more breast milk. Oxytocin on the other hand is responsible for the milk to leave your milk ducts. Let-down is very important because it permits your breast milk to flow out of the breast. Without it, the baby will only receive a small amount of milk. Worse case is he/she will refuse to latch on or breastfeed.

How will you know if milk is letting down? If you can feel burning sensation in your breasts while the baby is latched on, it is a good sign that your milk is letting down. Another sign is you head the baby swallowing or gulping. When you notice that it is leaking milk even if baby is not feeding, that is also a good sign.

If you are a working mom, how can you manage let-down reflex during expressing breast milk? You have to keep in mind that the pain you will feel when ejecting milk is just fleeting. There are techniques that you can consider to manage your let-down during expressing breast milk. Here are some:

Get settled in a comfortable environment

Do not expect to express lots of milk if you are not in a conducive or comfortable environment. It should be warm, relaxed and quiet place – in other words, far from distraction. When expressing, breathe slowly and deeply. It always helps if you have warm drink or warm shower before expressing.

Massage breast

Expressing takes time. It is not something that should be hurriedly done. To help let-down, always massage your breast gently. The massage should include strokes directed towards the nipples. You can even roll your nipples in between your fingers – it helps. If you cannot trigger let-down through massage, try to touch your breast.

Get some support

People around should know what you are trying to do so they can help you. For example, they can become still or quiet while you do it. They can encourage you when you feel there is nothing more to give, etc. Mothers who have support can do anything.

Most importantly, you have to think of the baby. Remember that whatever your mind conceives, the body can achieve. If you are having troubles, go to the nearest doctor here in Singapore.

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New Year’s Gift For A Globetrotter

You have a globetrotter for a friend and you are wondering what gift you will give. This is the season for gift-giving and it would bring warmth to the people around you if you give something from the heart. The good news is that there are many gifts here in Singapore that you can consider – you can either do it on your own or you readily buy it.

Here are some gifts you can consider for that globetrotter friend or sister:


What better way to remind the person to go? A doormat will do but if you can find a doormat with a map or words like “just go”, it will be unique. The doormat is an excellent reminder that adventure is still out there and that it should be planned right away.

Bag tag

Whether that person likes to bring back pack or luggage, a bag tag is a welcome collection. Bag tags are functional because you can use it to label your belongings plus it is a great reminder that you can go anywhere you want.

iPhone case

If the person is a globetrotter, it also means he/she loves to take pictures regardless of the lens. The best gift that you can give is an iPhone case with a map or a “wanderlust” word. He/she will be reminded of you whenever he/she points at something. This is not so hard to look. If you want to customize it, there are some online shops you can consider.

Neck pillow

Whether he/she will travel via bus or plane, a neck pillow can help ease the travel. Neck pillows are readily available so it is easy to find plus it is not that expensive. It is the thought that counts so do not worry about the prize.

Passport holder

Another good gift is a passport holder. There are many in the market these days but there are also shops who offer customized ones. You can choose from the charms to the material and the nameplate. He/she will surely appreciate the passport holder.

Duffel bags or back pack

If your friend or sister does not like luggage, you can give duffel bags instead. Duffel bags are lighter but if he/she prefers comfort and ease of travel, back pack is always best for travels. Before buying one, secretly know what he/she likes best.

Swiss knife

It pays to be prepared always especially during travel as you are far from home. You have to give Swiss knife as a gift.

Regardless of the gift, it is a magical experience. Have fun!

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Travel Slipups You Need to Stop Making

As much as you want your travel to be successful, you have to accept that it cannot be perfect. Somewhere along the way, there will be something. What do you do when there are slipups? You have to continue no matter what. The essence of traveling is discovering things and learning from it – good or bad. But sometimes, there are slipups that you can avoid if you look more closely.

You just hope when you commit travel slipups it won’t cost you too much money. Here are some tips to stop creating travel slipups:

  • Early booking of flight: Booking last minute will surely cost you but it is the same as booking a year before. Indeed there are cheaper flights if you book early but not as far as a year or two before the planned trip. Save money from cancellation or rebooking by booking at least 6 to 8 weeks before the planned date. The lowest prices will be 3 to 4 months before your planned trip. If you really want to grab cheaper flights, watch out for airlines throwing flight promotions.


  • Neglecting hostels: One or two weeks before your travel, you have to take care of your accommodation. When choosing accommodation, you neglect hostels thinking that it is crummy. That is where you are wrong. Hostels these days boast of better amenities. You just need to read the reviews. You can save a lot more if you book here. Hotels are expensive.

  • Taking cab all the time: It is normal to take a cab when you are new for easy navigation but if you want to save money, it is recommended that you take public transportation. Some cab drivers, knowing you are new in town, will take you to endless “ride”. You will be surprised of the bill if you are not careful. Immerse yourself in their culture and have fun taking public transportation.


  • Dining at restaurants: Traveling is never complete if you do not taste their cuisines or dishes. It is okay to dine at restaurants every now and then, splurging but you will miss a lot of good things outside. You can find good food even in roadside stalls. Do not burn a hole on your pocket just to eat at exclusive restaurants.


  • Ignoring insurance: You do not get insurance because you think it is extra cost on your part but you will never know what will happen there. You have to think of worse scenarios especially if you are going outside of Singapore. Insurance can help big time. Do not try to ignore it.

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5 Social and Weird Fears that Actually Exist


Humans as we are, we all have fears. What frightens us greatly vary and in today’s society, lots of its kind are everywhere. An object may be of no effect on us but it can be very scary to another person. Odd as it may seem, here are the uncommon yet fears that really exist.

  1. The Fear of Beautiful Women (venustraphobia)

Some men feel uneasy or intense fear when they are being in the presence of attractive women. They just cannot simply stand being near them because it feels intimidating to the extreme. Sure, there is a significant difference between intimidation that guys feel around gorgeous women and a legitimate kind of phobia that suggests a serious fear.

There are various causes of Venustraphobia but more often than not, a traumatic experience with beautiful women can lead to such fear. For example, it may have been due to failed relationships (romantic or friendship) that led to mistrust, humiliation or abuse by an attractive female. Also, it says a lot about someone’s lack of self-esteem that was rooted from a particular past experience.

Symptoms differ from one person to another but obvious and extreme signs include: nervousness or panic attacks, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, difficulty in catching breath or chest pain—are just some of the red flags to watch out for just by being around beautiful ladies.

  1. The Fear of Touch (haphephobia)

Touch is one of the five languages of love and yet feeling dreadful about this can be one of the most devastating of its kind. Although it is uncommon, Haphephobia or the fear of touch suggests extreme uneasiness by being touched by anyone while some are only fearful when touched by opposite gender.

More often than not, the causes of this phobia are unknown but sometimes it has something to do with past experience such as sexual assault for example. Trust issue is a big deal to affected people that it takes time to build. Manifestations of this fear are quite easy to spot by just observing their reactions when an effort to touch or even an attempt is done, common reactions include avoidance, shaking or sweating.

  1. The Fear of Work (ergophobia)

Ergophobia is a deep and serious fear of labor or work. People who suffer this social anxiety are either afraid to find employment because they might be mistreated by co-workers or have past traumatic experience in the workplace. Symptoms are most likely the same with other fears but often, phobic persons appear normal while inside, their thoughts are about running away or crying from the situation.

  1. The Fear of Losing Phone Contact (nomophobia)

Nomophobia or the fear of no mobile phone is an anxiety that some people develop when they are not with their phones. According to a recent survey, the younger the age of the user, the more prone he/she is to develop such fear. This anxiety is heightened due to several reasons such as loss of phone, low or dead mobile battery.

  1. The Fear of Church (ecclesiophobia)

This fear is provoked when the affected person sees images that suggest fear from suffering while some feel that they are being watched over or judged when inside the church. Similar symptoms arise when being attacked this fear, seemingly breathless and shaking.

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