Why You Should Invest in an Alkaline Water Ionizer

Whenever you think of a cool new appliance to purchase for your home, an alkaline water ionizer is probably at the bottom of your list. Well, guess what? It’s time you change your outlook about this appliance. Water ionizers actually offer more benefits than simply providing clean water to you and your family. To make you understand why it’s a must-have item in your home, here are some of the numerous advantages of investing in a water purifying machine for your Singapore household.

1. It Produces Safe and Chlorine-Free Water

Alkaline water ionizers are often used to filter your tap water to give you clean and chlorine-free drinking water. This helps ensure that you and your family won’t be exposed to bacteria, impurities or any harmful chemicals that might be present in the water. By investing on a good alkaline water ioniser machine, you can rest assured that your water would be safe to drink.

2. It Offers Healthier, Better-Tasting Water

Unlike some water filter systems, alkaline water ionisers go a step further – they use a refined electrolysis process to separate the negative and positive ions in tap water, and produce a drinking water with high pH levels. One of its effects is making alkaline water taste better than tap or filtered water. You can use this better-tasting and healthier water for drinking, cleaning your food, as well as for cooking. With alkaline water, you will never have to drink or use weird-tasting tap water ever again.

3. It Improves the Hydration of Our Body

Since its water molecules are smaller than that of tap water, alkaline water from www.h2olifesource.com in Singapore is able to penetrate our cells easily. That means alkaline ionized water is more easily absorbed into your body, and is capable of efficiently and quickly hydrating your body. Proper hydration is crucial for achieving a healthy lifestyle and improving your energy levels, and simply having an alkaline water ionizing unit in your home can already make that much difference.

4. It Helps in Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Aside from improving your body’s hydration, investing in an alkaline water ionizer can also be good for your skin. With the different pH levels produced by a water ionizer – and due to its hydrating properties – drinking alkaline water will ensure that you will have a fresher and cleaner complexion than before. With all the stress you put on your skin and the pollutants in the surroundings, using alkaline water can be an easy and quick way to give back your skin’s natural glow. So, is there any home appliance that can give you that?

5. It Promotes Good Blood Circulation

Another reason why it’s worth investing on this water filter system is because the water it produces promotes and improves the blood circulation. The high pH levels of alkaline water reduces oxidation, since it contains what is known as negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). With a negative ORP, alkaline water is able to slow down the potential damage brought by the free radicals in your blood. Purchasing an alkaline water ioniser machine is just a simple way of ensuring that you and your family have good blood circulation.

6. It Contains Cancer-Preventive Properties

Water produced by ionizing machines has been shown to contain cancer-preventive properties. Alkaline water has also been linked to lowering the effects of certain lifestyle diseases, including those who are suffering from cancer. Some studies also provided evidence of alkaline water helping slow down tumour growth by hampering the growth of blood vessels that are feeding the tumours.

7. It Prevents Ageing

Since alkaline water contains antioxidants and removes reactive oxygen from the body, it serves as a great help in the prevention of ageing. It does so by reducing cell damage, which leads to the physiology of ageing. With the varied health benefits of alkaline water ionizers, drinking this filtered water can slow your ageing process by keeping you healthier and happier.

Tips for Shopping a Water Ionizing Machine

    • Research on Your Machine Provider. Ensure that the company you are ordering from has a good reputation, the right certifications, as well as solid return policy and warranty. Knowing all these things about your chosen provider lets you know as to whether or not their product and services can meet – or even exceed – your expectations.

    • Decide What Features You Want. Knowing what features you want to have in your water ionizing unit will help you decide which machine you would like to purchase. The difference between each alkaline water ionizer is that it has either three, five, seven, eight, nine or 11 ionization plates that affect the water’s flow rate and pH range. All of its other functions will be just a matter of your preference.

    • Ensure You Purchase a Pre-Filter. Always remember that no on-board ionization filter addresses every contaminants and chemicals present in tap water, which is why it’s necessary to purchase pre-filters to ensure that you will get optimal drinking water regardless of the brand of the alkaline water ioniser machine you use.

    • Ask About the Product Warranty. Just like with purchasing any other appliance, ensure that you inquire about the company’s warranty on the product. Read on the warranty to know how the provider stands behind their units. If possible, choose companies that offer a lifetime guarantee on their machine parts and labour.

It’s easy to see why alkaline water is becoming increasingly acceptable and popular in Singapore these days. These products offer long-lasting positive effects on our health, influencing almost every aspect of our life. The amazing properties of alkaline water is definitely what makes them a must-have in your home.

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