10 Worst Sports Injuries that Scar You for Life

There are a lot of successful stories of professional athletes coming back from a horrific injury, but that does not mean they are not changed forever by the experience. The body is not like a mechanical equipment which can be repaired or replaced, because it can wear down over time even with the best treatment.

Here are some injuries which can leave lifelong consequences on the body.

1.  Sprain. Light sprains are usually brushed off, but they actually take long to heal. Remember that the injury is caused by stress to the joints or ligaments, that is why severe sprains require braces. But even then, you are more likely to get sprained again in the same area with severe sprains.

2.  Concussion. This is considered an emergency and has even made some professional athletes retire. If not treated properly, it can even lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

3.  Hamstring Strain. Minor strains can be caused by jumping or sprinting, but it is a recurrent injury that might lead to a major rupture. If it is a recurring injury, it will affect your mobility for the rest of your life.

4.  Meniscus Tear. The meniscus is the cartilage that cushions your thigh bone and shin bone. More pressure and stress on the knee joints will cause wearing on the surface and joint degeneration as you get older.

5.  Stress Fractures. These types of fractures are common in areas of the body that bear the weight such as the wrists and feet. It is also a recurring injury like those on this list, and if not healed properly, can even lead to chronic pain and limited mobility. There are even cases where the fractures don’t heal with repeated injuries.

6.  Patella Dislocation. In simple terms, the name means the dislocation of the kneecap. You can recover from this injury, but that does not guarantee you will not be at risk of a repeat injury. More stress on the knees also out you at risk of permanent kneecap dislocation.

7.  ACL Injuries. Rest and rehabilitation will mostly treat this injury, but if you are a professional athlete, you will want to cut the time it takes to recover. Usually, the pros undergo surgery, but this means that the condition of the knee ligament will never be the same again. Those who have also undergone surgeries to repair the ACL are prone to repeated injuries and therefore more surgical procedures to recover.

8.  Tennis Elbow. This injury can take months or a year to heal that is because the tendons are inflamed from overuse. It can also lead to nerve damage and may become chronic, which is why it must be treated properly to avoid long-term effects, not just the pain.

9.  Sciatica. A person who experiences lower back, buttock, and leg pain might eventually suffer from spinal stenosis if the underlying cause is not treated. It can even lead to paralysis.

10.  Shoulder Dislocation. Once you have experienced this, you are more likely to get you shoulder dislocated again and will even affect the ligaments.

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