Proper CrossFit Gym Etiquette You Should Always Remember

In almost all aspects of life, there are always some unwritten rules that you should follow, especially in public places. When it comes to exercising, it won’t matter if it’s in your usual commercial gym or even just a common hike trail, you will be expected to have good etiquette. So there’s no reason for CrossFit boxes to not have unwritten rules as well! Here are some things to remember to become a real gentleman (or lady, of course) at the gym.

Introduce yourself

If you’re a complete beginner at CrossFit, you might be shocked at how social it actually is of an activity. That’s why CrossFit is known for always having a healthy community. So, if you’re a beginner, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself. No matter if you’re completely new to fitness or you already have some lifting experience, you’ll surely be welcomed by the trainers and fellow athletes there. That being said, if some newcomers arrive and you’re the experienced one there, it won’t hurt to mingle with them a bit as well!

Avoid talking to someone in the middle of his/her workout

Though we just said that CrossFit is social, you should never talk to someone who is still in the middle of his/her workout. You never know if they’re trying to beat their personal record or they just want to stay focused before a heavy lift. Lifting heavy, for example, takes a lot of concentration. When a person is attempting one, it’s highly likely that you’ll see him focused and locked in, sometimes not even talking to others while warming up. It’s very annoying to have your focus broken, but it will completely throw you off if someone suddenly speaks to you in the middle of a set.

Double-check if someone’s using the equipment

No matter which CrossFit box you go to in Singapore, there’s always a chance that you get into a situation like this. You pick up the 35-pound kettlebells on the floor for your own workout. Then, suddenly a pissed-off dude comes to you and says he was still using the kettlebells before you took it! Of course, a very simple solution to this is to go to the designated areas where the equipment is put when nobody’s using them. And, obviously, double-checking if someone is actually using the equipment on the floor.

Make sure to clean up after you’re done

This one should be pretty obvious but, for some reason, there are still people who don’t clean up. When you do lifting exercises or pull-ups, for example, you will use the chalk A LOT. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of cleaning, just don’t go around throwing chalk everywhere. Just don’t put an excessive amount on your hands so that you won’t make a mess! All in all, just remember to wipe your sweat and put all the equipment back where they should be.

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