6 Trendy Decorating Tips for Millennials

Millennials are creative individuals by nature. These people are known for thinking outside the box and going beyond the traditions. When it comes to decorating their homes, the millennial signature includes combining functional elements to create a unique looking space with personality.

Although we’re no professional interior designers, we get the gist of what actually is #homegoals by simply letting our feelings guide every design choice to make.

  1. Install multipurpose furniture

For limited spaces, storage is key. Get a furniture that serves more than just one purpose to take up less space at home. For instance, instead of the traditional chair, get an upholstered ottoman that can serve as a chair and storage. Get it in size that allows you to easily tuck it under a table.

  • Frame up any art

Expensive framed paintings and photographs are great décor pieces, but any art are just as good as long as you use them tastefully. You have an abstract you want to display or a photo taken from a recent trip? Blow it up into a bigger image and then have it framed, so you can hang it on your living room wall.

  • Add an accent wall…

One simple way to transform a dry looking room is to simply create an accent wall. No need to paint an entire wall. You can use temporary wallpaper, which you can easily replace when you want to spruce up your home again. Choose only one wall in every space to serve as an accent wall, and leave everything else neutral to let that pop of color shine out.

  • …or go for textured wall

If a colorful wall isn’t the accent you like, go for textured wall instead. You can go with suble, textured sorts like embossed and three-dimensional wallpapers. They look fun and unique and add interest to the visual appeal of the room.

  • Invest on detachable pieces

Another excellent space-saving technique among millennials is using transformable or detachable furniture. These are preferred pieces to have at home since they take up spaces only when you’re using them. For example, instead of a typical work table, why not install a wall-mounted drop-leaf table? It’s a space saver, since you’d only have to pull it up whenever necessary and you can simply move any chair over when you have some work to do.

  • Get cozy

After a long, busy day, what we love most is to just relax in our own sanctuaries. To create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, scatter some comfy cushions in the living room and use a variety of texture and textiles that exude warmth and comfort.

A millennial home is more than just looking trendy. Above all, they are designed with great functionality in mind, without compromising style and comfort.

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