Practicing Proper Feminine Hygiene

You might be surprised to know that even with the available information on personal hygiene and more access to and choices of feminine products, there are still some women in Singapore who don’t know how to properly care for themselves. Improper practices and harmful products can cause irritation and infection, so to avoid these, keep in mind the following.

Make it a Habit

Being is busy is no excuse when it comes to personal hygiene. Daily washing will not take up a lot of your time and this can be done when you’re bathing or preparing for bed. You also don’t need to purchase special products to keep healthy down there, but you should probably rethink your choice of harsh soaps, tight-fitting undies, and the type of menstrual product you’re using.

Check Your Feminine Products

This includes the type of soap or wash you use for your delicate areas. Generally, you should avoid products with perfumes or deodorants, because the ingredients can irritate your skin. If you want to be extra careful, you should use only products that were made for feminine hygiene.

Check the detergent you use to wash your undies, too, because the ingredients can also cause dryness and irritation. You might also want to consider using tampons, menstrual cups or washable undies or napkins instead of sanitary napkins and pantiliners on your period. The chemicals used for absorbent materials can irritate skin and allow bacteria to build up.

Avoid Tight-Fitting Clothes and Undies

Invest in quality and comfortable undies made in white cotton. These are the safest options to keep your feminine parts fresh and odor-free. Some materials will not only irritate the sensitive parts but can also be a breeding ground for bacteria especially if it’s tight-fitting. You might want to change your girdles, nightwear, and pantyhose as well if they don’t fit anymore.

The Right Way to Clean

Ask your ob-gyne and they will tell you that your vagina is a self-cleaning body part, that is why some doctors advise against using special products for cleansing. All you really need to clean it is water, but you can use cleansers as long as it’s a hypoallergenic and pH-balanced product. When it comes to wipes or toilet paper, it’s best to stick to unscented products, and to never ever use the same material to wipe both your vagina and your anus.

Removing Unwanted Hair

Some women want to get rid of the hair down there, so they can wear swimsuits. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair but remember that the skin on your face (like when you shape your eyebrows) is different from the skin on your sensitive area. This means that plucking, waxing, and hair removal creams might be too harsh. Laser, electrolysis, and sugaring can still irritate the skin, but the effects are milder.

Visit Healthcare Provider

If you are intimate with a partner, you should consider using contraceptives. Only the male condom, however, is effective against sexually-transmitted infections, so ask your doctor about other options to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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