The Importance of Having Your Trademark Registered

A trademark is a sign, word, phrase, or any combination of these that represent a company or merchandise. That is why trademark registration is an essential part of protecting the identity of your brand and business. If you’re logo is not registered, others will be able to use it to their advantage. Especially if your business is booming, they will able to ride on your back and deceive customers.

Legal Ownership

When planning to register trademark, know that you will be charged with certain amount of fee, but it’s a really small price to pay for the establishment and success of your business. You may even be surprised how affordable it is to enlist your name once you see the price list of mark submission here in Singapore. After you have finally listed your mark, you’ll have optimum brand protection and exclusive ownership of it, including of course all the products and services you offer.

You’ll also be able to take legal action against those who try to use your trademark without authority or credit. Other business might also make their logo similar to yours, but if you have a registered mark already, they won’t be able to do so or at least without consequence.

Furthermore, registering gives you the privilege to renew trademark and extend your protection for longer period of time. Although trademark renewal may require you to pay for another fee, the cost to extend TM validity is nothing compared to the protection it provides for your business in Singapore.

Another thing is Intellectual property (IP). IP is an innovation resulting from a person’s creativity, like pieces of art, inventions, literature, designs, and etc. One should consider applying for a trademark for his/her IP because it’s a bit more complicated. Because IP is a creation of the mind, it is primarily intangible, meaning it’s more difficult to take ownership of as opposed to other property like physical objects or land.

Processing a Trademark

Brand name registry is actually somewhat easy, it only really takes quite a time before it’s done, typically around 9 months. What usually can cause more delay is if you make mistakes on the trademark itself, or the trademark you propose has similarities with another that is already registered.

To avoid this, try to do a trademark search before actually doing anything else. This allows you to check and create beautiful logo for your company here in Singapore that is unique and does not conflict with another registered logo design. Plus, it will save you time and money, since you won’t have to start from scratch all over again just because you found out that your logo is similar with someone else’s.

Trademark application starts with filing an application form to the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. After the application, it will then be examined to see if it does not have any similarities with others and if it complies with the criteria. It will then be moved for public inspection through the Trade Marks Journal. If no one opposes your trademark, then you will be granted a registration certificate.

In summary, trademark registration is very important for the identity of your business because it becomes easier for customers to recognize your products, services, and company as sa whole. It enables you to protect your brand against businesses that might otherwise damage your reputation. In addition, the cost of filing a trademark might get pretty expensive. But, once your trademark is approved, it will be a worthy investment because the trademark is considered valid 10 years after the application has been approved.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control for Your Home

Even though pests clearly don’t belong in your house, they’re often left unseen until it’s too late. When this happens, you already have to call pest control management to fumigate your home and keep the pests from coming back.

Calling a local exterminator to deal with an infestation is quite straightforward. If you see these unwelcomed guests in your home, call a 24 hours pest removal here in Singapore and they will get rid of them for good.

However, this isn’t always the case. When you can’t call pest control services to fix your problem, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind:

Pest Control Do’s
These are the things that you need to avoid in order to handle your pest problem safely and efficiently:

• Try out pest prevention methods first. To get rid of harmful insects, starve out house pests by cleaning out their potential shelters and food sources. This is an effective pest control method for pests such as the bed bug. Even your pest control worker in Singapore may recommend this technique as this is also a guaranteed method to remove termites and other insects, with no chemicals required.

• Use chemicals safely and responsibly. If you have to use chemical pesticides yourself, never skip out the label and the instructions on how to use them. The biggest step you need to take is making sure that no one else accidentally ingests it but the pests.

• Dispose leftover pesticide and pesticide containers properly. Always read the label and follow the local guidelines on disposing hazardous wastes, especially pest control chemicals.

Pest Control Don’ts
If you have to terminate pest infestation on your own, avoid doing the following in order to handle your problems safely and efficiently:

• Use outdoor chemicals indoors. Not only will they take longer to dissolve and break down, but they can also cause harm to everyone and contaminate the water supply. This method is better left to a professional pest exterminator who has the expertise to properly perform different pest control services and are equipped with the right equipment to use.

• Assume that more is better. When it comes to handling dangerous chemicals in addressing termite infestation problem at home, overkill is not helpful. There’s no point in the amount of organic pesticides you will use if you can’t get rid of termites, kill rats or perform proper pest removal with it, so be sure to read the label and follow instructions. Contact your local exterminator in Singapore for more detailed assistance.

• Transfer the pesticide from one container to another. If you have to store the pesticide, store it in its original container to keep anyone from mistaking it as something else. You should also not use the pesticide containers to store anything else.

When you have to terminate pest infestation in your home, whether it’s having to exterminate rodents, setting bait to remove termites, or spraying and clearing out clutter to get rid of cockroaches, the best way to do so is by reading the label and doing it with proper safety equipment.

However, if you’re in doubt, contact a pest control management pro today!

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How to Dress Up as a Wedding Guest

It’s not only the bride and the groom who worry about their outfits on their most important day, but even the guests sometimes have a hard time picking the right clothes for such an occasion. Even if you’re not part of the entourage, you’d still want to look your best without outshining the couple in the wedding.

So, how do you dress up as a wedding guest?

Remember the Time, Location, and Theme
Yes, you have to read the wedding invitation so you will know where the ceremony and reception will be held, the time of the day and the duration of the celebration, and the theme of the wedding. Some couples will insist on specific colors and costumes for the guests so that everyone looks good in the photos. Others, however, will leave it up to the guests to decide. Some stylists will advise you to look for clues on the colors and structure of the invitation itself. What colors and designs are dominant? If it’s still all so confusing to you, you could always ask the bride or the groom weeks before the event, right?

It’s All About Colors
There is an unwritten rule in most types of weddings, even traditional wedding ceremonies, that you also have to respect, regardless if it’s stated in the wedding invitation or not. Only the bride and/or groom are allowed to wear pure white, so the entourage and the guests are usually discouraged from wearing predominantly white outfits unless you are required by the couple. Second, respect the couple’s religious affiliations. Singapore is home to several multicultural groups that observe different ceremonies. Research about the colors, types of fabrics, and cuts that are considered vulgar and offensive. Red, all-white, and pure black are considered inappropriate in most Asian ceremonies. Some brides might choose to wear red or white, after all. Remember that it’s not about you, but it’s for the couple.

Consider the Length and Cut
For traditional wedding ceremonies, you should generally avoid sleeveless or strapless gowns and shirts, short dresses that are above the knee in length, see-through fabrics, tight-fitting outfits, and anything that exposes too much chest and legs. For Muslim weddings, avoid sleeveless gowns, very short dresses, or gowns with deep or low neckline. For formal Chinese weddings, avoid above-the-knee-length skirts and dresses and suits that have too many accents. For Indian weddings, it’s more appropriate to wear long dresses and tunics, or you can choose from any of the four basic outfits worn in such occasions; saree, lehenga, churidar suit, and trouser suit.

Don’t Forget Comfort
The reason why you’re not supposed to wear tight-fitting clothes is because you will be served a lot of food during the wedding reception and some ceremonies can last for hours. So, yes, you have to have comfort in mind, because you don’t want to be fidgeting on your chair because you can’t breathe. The location, as already mentioned is important, so if it’s outdoors for example, avoid high heels, heavy suit, and clothes that will catch the wind.

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Let’s Talk About Mouth Growths

Next to our feet, our mouth is probably the most overlooked part of the body, which is ironic, because we use it several times a day to talk and eat. According to doctors, however, you should pay more attention to your mouth because its health can mirror diseases and will serve as an early warning sign of health problems.

Fortunately, it’s easy to sense abnormalities in the mouth even without looking at it through a mirror because it’s sensitive. Lumps can easily be sensed by probing your mouth with your tongue, for example. These lumps should not be ignored because some can be cancerous tumors.

Let’s get to know the common mouth growths.

Traumatic Fibroma. These are lumps that grow on the lips, tongue, and cheeks that resulted from irritation or injury like biting your tongue. They usually heal quickly unless they’re injured again and develop a fibrous tissue, which is similar to a callus. It’s benign, but it can be removed through surgery then biopsied. Persistent lumps on the gums, however, might be a sign of tooth abscess or gum disease.

Warts. Ordinary warts can affect the mouth if there is contact with another part of the body (usually the hands) that have warts (Verrucae vulgaris). These are harmless and can be removed, but warts caused by sexually-transmitted diseases (these warts are called papillomas) are a different matter entirely.

Thrush. Also called candidiasis, this is a yeast infection that affects moist parts of the skin including the mouth. You will feel sticky white patches in your mouth, especially if you have problems in your immune system, diabetes, or you’re taking antibiotics. Thrush can be treated with antifungal medication.

Keratocanthomas. These are growths that form on areas that are exposed to the sun like the lips. They’re harmless and will disappear within 2 months, but be wary of growths that don’t go away after a while, because they could be cancerous tumors.

Canker Sores. Also called aphthous ulcers, these are painful sores with yellowish or white membrane that usually go away after 2 weeks or with corticosteroid treatment. Sores around the mouth that are recurrent are called cold sores (these are different from canker sores) and is a symptom of herpes simplex virus infection that must be treated with antiviral medication.

Mucocele. These are usually found under the tongue or inside the lower lip and appear as soft cyst-like growths. They are the result of injured salivary glands, but are not harmful and can be removed by surgery.

There are other growths caused by mouth diseases, injury, and infection, but the best way to determine what they are is to visit your dentist. Oral cancer for example, will exhibit various symptoms depending on the parts of the mouth that are affected. You are also more likely to have mouth problems if you smoke, abuse alcohol, and if you have a history of STDs. If you see or feel any abnormalities in your mouth, visit your dentist for a correct diagnosis.

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3 ways for extroverts to unwind

Extroverts are always tagged as the life of the party. They are often the center of every activity since they bring in the laughter, enjoyment and merriment. They are carefree, funny and boisterous, which make them appealing to the people around them.

However, there are days when extroverts need to unwind too. They get all used up at work or in school, and they too need some time to recharge themselves.

So if you’re an extrovert waiting for your next psychological boost, here are some ways to help you relax after a long day at work or in school:

1. Take part in a social activity
Since extroverts recharge by way of social interaction, they need to interact with others in occasions of light manner. They look forward to a night of socialization and fun. Whether this may be dinner with friends or family, simple hanging out or a night of clubbing, the bottom line is extroverts need to mingle with others to replenish their energy.

2. Be in a support group
If a night out wouldn’t do the trick for you and you’re still feeling stressed out, then you have to change tactics. Seek a dependable support group and vent your heart out. This tip hits two birds with one stone – not only is your need for social interaction fulfilled, you have also let out emotions and thoughts bursting at the seams. This tip helps you keep your thoughts in perspective while satiating your need for human interaction.

3. Talk to experts
Humans as we are, there are just some limitations we can’t overcome. And extroverts have their fair share of burnouts. So if you find yourself still not feeling refreshed despite all the night outs and support group appointments, you might want to up your game and talk to someone you look up to. Experts don’t necessarily mean a psychiatrist, though there’s nothing wrong with them too, but you could also turn to someone in your church or family whom you have huge respect for. You’ve replenished your need for human interaction and you’ve confided with them stressors causing your burnout or psychological exhaustion.

So for extroverts out there, make sure you also unwind and replenish your psychological energies. Every social interaction you experience radiates energy you readily absorb and make the most out of. This asset is an advantage and you should use it wisely. As they say, no man is an island. And you sure are proof.
Extroverts may be the life of the party, but also make sure you keep the life in you too. Keep the music of social interaction playing, and you’ll still enjoy the beat as you dance your way through the challenges of life.

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3 ways to improve your handwriting

One of the basic skills we use everyday is writing. Whether at school or at work, we would have to hold a pen and scribble. Information, transactions and basically learning is facilitated by writing. So for smoother transactions and neater notes, we might want to improve those longhands and print. People reading our papers have wrinkles because of all their squinting.

Here’s a few tips on how to improve your handwriting:

1. Get a good grip
For those of us unaware, there are actually lots of grip types used for writing. You can have dynamic tripod, dynamic quadropod, lateral tripod or lateral quadropod. But there is no evidence as to which grip is better or would produce better handwriting. You can freely use which grip is best suited for you, in terms of comfort and efficiency. Try the different types if you don’t have one yet then stick to the one that works best for you. You might also want to try out the grip that produces the least strain on your hand muscles so you can write for long hours.

2. Practice, practice and more practice
One way to keep your hand muscles in good condition for writing is to treat them like you would when training any other muscle in your body – exercise. Any repeated action becomes an automatic part of your muscle memory. What better way to make your fingers and hands used to all your printed ambitions than to work their delicate muscles everyday. Some people say it’s effective to write first thing in the morning, yet it still depends in your convenience. What works for others might work for you too – only a modified version of it.

3. Keep a journal
Whether you aim to have a narrative of your daily life or if you prefer a bulleted type of journal, both ways keep your penmanship in tip-top shape. Not only is this tip therapeutic, you also keep your penmanship pretty neat while you recount your experiences. Your writing also keeps up with the speed of your thoughts, therefore enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your penmanship. Your hand-eye coordination also improves as you put your thoughts into paper.

These are only a few ways to help you enhance your print. Another health tip: make sure to rest your hands after writing for long hours, as your muscles and nerves might get damaged if you wet hands immediately after writing.
There’s no guarantee that you’ll improve your penmanship in a month’s time but even the slightest stroke of progress is still worth being happy about. So give everyone else a favor and set your strokes straight. Who knows, the next person you’ll give clarity to when it comes to your writing is yourself.

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Never Do Your Own Laundry Again (Not Exactly)

So, you’re work is piling up, you still haven’t done your laundry, and you’re running out of clothes to wear. Fortunately for you, there’s a laundry service near your area!

There are a number of laundry for spa services around Singapore today. Surely, this is to cater those who do not have enough time to do their own laundry. These days, washing services have become very practical not only as a source of business but also for the convenience of customers. When it comes to towels though, to wash towels on your own should be easy enough. Although, you might just want to add it in when you go to a washing service. You’ll still end up with clean towels anyway. If you also don’t have time to iron clothes, some washing services even offer to do so for a fair price.

The washing business and the services you can get
The whole advantage of commercial laundry services for a washing business is that it saves significant amount of time, money and energy. With this, they can attend to different business matters or do different things (e.g. dry cleaning, wash and fold) without much worry. For the best laundry results and servicing, you’d definitely want to avail washing services in Singapore that have commercial laundry to collect clean garments daily.

Some washing businesses also go the extra mile and offer laundry delivery services. This is very convenient especially for customers who typically don’t have their own vehicles. Laundry delivery, of course, (although not all) still requires payment from those who avail of it.

There are also washing businesses that offer same day dry cleaning and express laundry for those who are in a rush. Although the dry cleaning price, well the overall price, may increase as you are paying for the priority of your laundry.

Wash and fold services are also very convenient for both the customer and the washing service. This is because white and colored clothes and garments are washed separately. This basically helps you organize your load and it minimizes the possibility of mixed coloring between clothes.

Many washing businesses also now include uniform laundry in their services because many restaurants and companies, and institutions are in need of it. These establishments that use uniforms sometimes use different ones for different workers and don’t have the luxury of time to do the dry cleaning or washing themselves.

Around-the-clock laundry
There are also many washing businesses that provide 24 hour laundry. For those who don’t find any time of the day to get their laundry cleaned at all, this is surely a go-to. Plus, you get the added benefit of not competing for any spots, as the place usually becomes quiet any time later at night. Rushed dry cleaning late at night is an unlikely possibility as well.

But of course, if you want to cut on your expenses, you certainly would want do your laundry on your own. But if you’re tight on schedule or if you have enough money, then by any means head to a laundry service and get it done there.

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Pros and Cons of Biometric Access Systems

Most modern buildings can improve their security and monitoring systems by combining the technology of CCTV with your current intercom solution and the biometric door access system. But before you decide which biometrics system can be integrated with your IP CCTV, you should keep in mind the following advantages and disadvantages of the most sophisticated door access control system.

Difficult to Fake
It is easy to track access entry using facial biometric, voice recognition and thumbprint biometric unlike mechanical keys. That is because the keys are the physical features of the person such as the facial structure, voice and fingerprint which have unique characteristics. It will not be easy for a person to lose this key unlike the memorization of numbers in a pin access door system and the use of a physical card for a card access door system.

Better Authentication
CCTV camera surveillance can double as a tool for facial biometric. There is no need for people to get close to a scanner to be identified by the security, making it a convenient tool for better authentication and identification in any office or building in Singapore. This type of access system not only limits access to areas in the building but is also a constant monitoring tool to keep the occupants safe. This can be integrated with a sophisticated IP camera system and intercom system to maximize security.

Data is Non-Transferable
Because the physical features of a person are unique, it is easier to identify fakes and impostors within a few seconds using a security camera. Other door access systems without biometric authentication are more prone to errors of identification and verification and use a lot of storage just for the data. With the biometric door access offered by Singapore secure office products and systems, the person can be identified within five seconds with minimal chance of mistaken identity.

Easy to Use
The door access control system is quite easy to use, not only because the technology continuously improves, but because it can be integrated easily with other existing systems like the CCTV security cameras. Scanning and storing new data for authorized personnel are easy, too. The IP camera can also be used to monitor footage of office staff in Singapore and to check attendance, absences, and many more.

There Might Be Errors
There is a chance that the security camera or the thumbprint biometric might falsely reject or falsely accept a data if the system is unable to scan the individual’s physical characteristics. It can be addressed with proper maintenance of the intercom system and measures set in place in case this happens.

Information such as fingerprints might be stolen and used for criminal purposes. Incidents like these, however, are rare. This is also why an intercom system connected with the IP camera system is useful for easier coordination with security personnel in case another verification is needed.

Biometric Systems are Expensive
Small businesses in Singapore might not be able to enjoy the benefits of an access system although they can opt for several IP camera to monitor the people coming and going from the office. Setup, storage, and maintenance of IP CCTV might also be an expensive investment, so most experts might offer options that are affordable to small-time companies. However, you can opt to use an analog camera and a cheaper SIP intercom for small offices.

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How to Quickly Boost Creativity in 4 Easy Steps

Being more creative means being able to come up with better ideas and better solutions to problems, and all jobs would eventually require it to some extent. This is true especially if you find yourself stuck trying to solve a problem or coming up with a new idea.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to get your creative juices back on track. Here they are to get you started:

1. Doodle away.
If you’ve ever seen notebooks or scraps of paper full of doodles, there’s a good chance that the result of those doodles are some great idea or a previously unknown answer to a problem. Doodling is about allowing your pen to move without you thinking, and letting the answer comet to you – a bit like Zen.

2. Listen to music.
Music isn’t just relaxing to listen to or light up certain areas in the brain. For some people, listening to music that they enjoy provides the much-needed “background noise” in order for them to focus on their task. Others will even loop a single song for hours on end.

The key thing to remember is that it has to be music that you enjoy. After all, the last thing you want to be is stuck in a rut while listening to a song you don’t like played on loop.

3. Try something you haven’t before.
Giving your mind the freedom to wander along tangents and other areas that seem completely unrelated will give you surprising results, as this will give you a new perspective on how you see the problem.

Unlike solving analytic problems, creative thinking actually works best at times that you wouldn’t think are optimal. It also helps that you’re doing something you haven’t tried doing before, as this would help to keep your brain on alert at all times as it learns to adapt in order to familiarize a certain situation or scenario.

This could mean taking up a new hobby or two, as this could not only give you a better feeling of excitement, but it could also open up an entirely different opportunity to do something else.

4. Give the problem some time to cook.
The funny twist about getting your pre-frontal cortex to work is that you have to consciously “forget” about it and come back only after a certain amount of time. In fact, you should spend the time doing something else unrelated to the task you’re trying to complete.

This will give the pre-frontal cortex time to comb through the brain as it looks for answers while you actively think of something else. Once you get back to the task at hand, you’ll be able to try a few new things out.

(Disclaimer: This list is compiled in no particular order.)

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