What is Early-Onset Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that primarily affects the elderly aged 65 years and above. There are cases, however, that involve people younger than 65 years who show symptoms of Alzheimer’s. This is called early-onset Alzheimer’s or young-onset dementia which accounts for about 5% of all Alzheimer’s cases.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease
The symptoms for the elderly with Alzheimer’s as well as those younger than 65 years are the same. It is important, however, to talk to a doctor if you know someone who exhibits the symptoms so the specialist can rule out other problems such as anxiety or depression which might be mistaken for Alzheimer’s.

The symptoms of early-onset Alzheimer’s include the following:
1. Changes in the person’s behavior and personality such as depression, apathy, and loss of self-confidence. Sometimes the person might withdraw from interacting with other people.
2. Disorientation and confusion in situations and places that are unfamiliar to the person.
3. Memory problems such as forgetfulness of even the most recent events and messages.
4. Difficulty in solving even the most basic problems and remembering dates, time, and location.
5. Visual problems such as the inability to tell the distance and speed of an object and difficulty in recognizing familiar items and words.
6. Language problems such as aphasia, or the difficulty of finding the correct words when interacting with other people.

These symptoms get worse over time because Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. It will change the person’s life including his/her ability to work and provide for the family, affect his/her relationship with friends and family, and even change his/her daily habits. When the illness has progressed, the person will have severe behavior changes and mood swings, confusion, difficulty speaking and walking, severe memory loss, and suspicion and fear of familiar faces.

Types of Alzheimer’s Disease
For most people affected by the condition regardless of the age, Alzheimer’s disease manifests in two ways; genetic and common.

1. Genetic Alzheimer’s. This is a rare form of the illness, but studies point to the presence of several genes that cause a buildup of the toxic amyloid in the person’s brain. Genetic testing is sometimes recommended in Singapore for families with a history of the disease, but this does not guarantee that all the members of the family will have the same condition.
2. Common Alzheimer’s. This type is the most common Alzheimer’s experienced by affected people. Those with early-onset Alzheimer’s will exhibit the same symptoms as those experienced by the elderly and will progress depending on the person’s response to the condition, genetic makeup, treatment, and other factors.

To determine if a person has early-onset Alzheimer’s, the doctor will perform tests that involve the person’s problem-solving skills, memory and other mental skills. The specialist will also review the medical history, perform spinal fluid, blood and urine tests, MRI and CT scans, and look for biomarkers that will indicate the progress of Alzheimer’s.

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Things You Shouldn’t Say on Your First Date

The first date is always nerve-wracking and worrisome especially if you’ve never had any experience before. Besides worrying how you should dress up, where to take your date, what to eat and what to bring on the first date, you also have to remember a few things when talking to the other person.

Nothing is more embarrassing and awkward than blurting out the wrong things during a conversation, so avoid mentioning the following things on your first date:

Talk About Exes
Never ever talk about past romantic relationships because you’re just getting to know the other person. Even if you’re already acquainted with him/her, it would create a negative atmosphere when you ask about failed relationships. There is a right time and place to talk about such things and the first date isn’t the perfect time for it and it doesn’t matter if you’re in good terms with your ex or if the other person is friends with his or hers.

Ask Why He or She is Still Single
Even if you don’t mean it, it’s like you’re asking if there is something wrong with the other person. Ask about other things such as hobbies and interests instead. You wouldn’t want to be asked the same question, right? I mean, you’re on a date too, so you’re also single.

Taking Time to Decide
Debating where to go next is a problem reserved for couples who are exclusively dating, not for a pair who’s still trying to get to know each other. Always have a plan ready in case your date decides he/she wants to go somewhere else. Let the other person know that you have an opinion and that you’re willing to listen to his/her suggestions.

Ask About the Salary
Why would you want to know how much the other person earns? It’s not like you’re going to get married after the first date, right? You can ask instead where he/she works and if he/she enjoys the job.

Talk About Politics and Religion
If you want to offend someone, just pick any topic about politics and religion. Unless you’re in class or if it’s part of your job, those two should never be part of a normal conversation, especially a first date.

Talk About Sex, Kids and Marriage
The first date is not the right time to talk about having a family yet. Slow down and take your time to get to know each other. Don’t think about getting the other person in bed right away, because your date might not be that type of person. Someday, if everything works out, you’ll have time to plan for the future.

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Why is Drinking Tea Good For You?

Tea is a drink enjoyed by one generation after another. In fact, it has been around for more than a millennia. The drink was first brewed in ancient China, meticulously made out of the best tea leaves, but now you can enjoy tea coming straight from a bottle in almost all convenience stores in Singapore.

There are lots of health benefits to tea. It has attracted a staggering number of tea-lovers, which would willingly testify as to how drinking tea helped them improve their lives for the better.

A certain tea polyphenol, EGCG, has been found out to be helpful in reducing the occurrence of pollen-related allergies. Because of that, an increased number of tea-lovers enjoy their drink more frequently when spring is around the corner. There is also a natural flavonol in tea called quercetin which helps decrease allergic response and alleviate histamine response.

Prevents blindness
Tea is rich in antioxidant levels. It has been found out in several studies how their presence is found in some eye tissue. Drinking tea on the daily is one way to ensure your eyes will be in a good condition over time. As a matter of fact, regular amount of tea is said to help prevent the risk of blindness caused by cataracts, or the clouding of lens inside the eyes. If you want to maintain your vision for the years to come, start drinking tea more often!

Decreases the risk of stroke
At least one to three cups of black or green tea on the daily is said to result in a 20% reduction of ischemic stroke risks. With that, you can regularly enjoy your cup of tea knowing that you are reducing possible health risks for your body. The earlier to adopt the habit of drinking tea, the sooner you protect yourself.

Improves concentration and memory
Tea contains L-Theanine and caffeine, both of which are natural amino acids which help in improving one’s memory and reaction time. In the process, it also increases concentration and focus. This is one reason why tea has been popular among meditating monks across China, especially white tea. If you’re aiming to be sharp and alert for your next meeting or your upcoming exams, enjoy a cup of tea to increase your focus.

Lowers cholesterol count
Green tea, which is loved by many, is found to effectively lower one’s cholesterol count (both total serum and LDL). This has been verified by a 2011 study of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Drinking at least five cups of tea on the daily is enough to provide results, but the higher consumption of tea leads to a bigger drop in one’s cholesterol levels.

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How Drinking Tea Significantly Helps Your Mental Health

We all know how drinking tea can be beneficial to the body. Avid tea drinkers don’t pass on the opportunity of pointing out the many benefits they get from the drink, encouraging more and more people to pick up the healthy habit. It is considered to be a healthier option than your traditional cup of coffee, with lesser caffeine and a general improved mood after drinking.

Tea is known to protect you from the risks of high cholesterol levels and diseases such as dementia, but the millennium-old drink also has benefits which directly helps improve and protect your mental health.

Calmer but more alert mind
If you have problems concentrating or focusing on something important, drink a cup of tea or two. There are compounds in tea such as the amino acid L-theanine which affects the brain’s attention networks and orchestrates effects on the brain waves. This makes tea a perfect drink for you if you have an upcoming exam to take or a work meeting to attend. In simpler terms, the drink significantly helps you relax and concentrate fully on your tasks.

Lower stress levels
Black tea, in particular, is shown to effectively reduce the powerful psychological effects from a stressful event. Victims who suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are often offered tea to calm their nerves after what they’ve been through. Drinking at least four cups of tea per day within a month showed around a 20% drop in the body’s cortisol levels, a kind of stress hormone.

Decreases risks of cognitive impairment
With the many benefits of tea, it is no wonder how it also brings improvements on one’s mental health. Drinking tea on the daily is noted to reduce the risks of getting a cognitive impairment. One study in particular found out that consuming at least two cups of tea daily cuts the risk of landing a cognitive impairment by half. The habit of drinking tea must be adopted as soon as possible if you want to protect yourself from potential diseases.

Eases headaches, tensions, and irritability
Drinking tea notably has a calming effect on people. Red tea (Rooibos), for one, is an African herbal tea which brings a relaxing effect to the body shortly after drinking. It is said to reduce a variety of irritations as well as existing inflammations on the body. If you find yourself getting irritated and angry over the little things more often, increase your tea consumption to calm your nerves.

Improves short-term memory
Tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, which is of great help if you need to be alert and awake at your job or if you’re taking an exam shortly. The caffeine in tea gives you the mental boost you need and improves your memory for the next few hours at least. This only adds to the growing reason of why you should consume tea more often from now on.

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Cultivating Confidence

Confidence is a basic human trait that usually differentiates the strong from the weak. Sadly, not everyone is confident. There’s always a fragment of society that is timid and shy for a great many reasons. Looking at the reasons why people aren’t confident could take up a lot of time and we aren’t particularly interested on discussing that topic in this article. Instead, we want to teach you how to cultivate confidence! Take note, we didn’t say be confident, we said cultivate. This means you’d have to start from scratch by planting the seed.

Here are a few ways to cultivate confidence:

1. Build Healthy Habits
Healthy habits are the backbone of confidence. Not only do they keep you in shape, they make you strong physically which would later on increase the healthy dosage of chemicals being released in your body for confidence. It is scientifically proven that the more healthy habits you practice, the more confident you will become.

2. Take Care of Yourself
Speaking of healthy habits, you have to take care of yourself. What does this mean? Well, if you can’t treat yourself with respect, how can other people respect you? And how can you be confident in yourself if you haven’t built your worth? You should get a nice haircut every now and then, you should also make sure your face is rid of blemishes by personal hygiene. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to look good to be confident, you just have to know that you are taking good care of yourself. If you don’t take good care of yourself, no one will.

3. Find Your Voice
Everyone has something unique to bring to the table. You should find yours! No pressure though. Some people think that their little quirks and weird behaviors should be looked down on and they shy those behaviors away from society. Well, unless those behaviors are destructive, you really shouldn’t hide who you are and what you want to do! Be confident in standing out!

4. Invest in yourself
Last but not the least, you should definitely invest in yourself. Although we’ve explained a fair deal as to why earlier on when we were talking about taking care of yourself, we cannot stress enough the importance of investing in yourself. Sometimes you have to be selfish. Sometimes you have to prioritize yourself. It’s perfectly fine to put yourself forward and grab an opportunity before it slips your hand.

Confidence is something we all must have in ourselves. Besides, why shouldn’t we be confident?

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6 Ways for Better Air Quality at Home

The market is filled with ‘air fresheners,’ promising to make your home smell more citrusy or flowery. However, the fragrance can be a dangerous illusion. Instead of purifying indoor air, they worsen it by adding more pollutants and harmful chemicals.

Fortunately, though, you can do something to reduce the pollution inside your home and infuse delightful scent the natural way. Here’s how to achieve it.

1. Skip Aerosols and Synthetic Fragrances
Aerosol sprays, such as deodorants, hair sprays and household air fresheners, can fill your home with toxic chemicals. Be careful with using household cleaning agents with artificial fragrances, as well as other types of synthetic home fragrances. Many of these products contain phthalates, which are known as chemical-disruptor chemicals.

2. Choose Household Cleansers Wisely
To avoid adding more harmful chemicals, purchase detergent-based and biodegradable products that doesn’t have the words ‘caution,’ ‘flammable’ and ‘danger’ on their label. This means that the products are made of natural ingredients and are safe for everyday use.

3. Clean Air Filters and Vents Regularly
Air-conditioning filters that are not cleaned regularly can trap dust, pollen and allergens. They can be easily cleaned in some AC systems, but if yours are difficult to access, have it cleaned professionally.

4. Scent Your Home With Essential Oils
These are more natural options than air fresheners and impart the same wonderful scent in your home—not t mention its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help improve air quality. Good variants to try are eucalyptus, citrus, peppermint and thyme. A nice pick for the bedrooms is lavender, which gives off a very mild scent that promotes relaxation.

5. Decorate With Potted Plants
Plants help filter out pollutants while adding aesthetic beauty to your home—that’s hitting two birds in one stone! A potted small palm tree helps remove formaldehyde—a toxin commonly found inside homes. Aloe vera can clear away formaldehyde and benzene, but needs to be placed in an area where there’s direct sunlight. Gerber daises also require a lot of sunlight, but are effective in reducing trichloroethylene—a common toxic chemical found in dry cleaning products.

6. Let Natural Air In
Unless it’s horribly cold, which is almost impossible to happen in Singapore, open the windows and doors for a few minutes every day. For better and faster air circulation, run your fans for a while. This will reduce and let out accumulated indoor pollutants.

Polluted air is harmful that even a short exposure can cause headache, drowsiness, dry eyes and skin rashes. Children, as well as those individuals sensitive to chemicals, are more likely to be affected by air pollutants. So, make sure to keep your indoor air purified to ensure healthy living with your family.

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What You Should Know About International Freight and Logistics

It’s no surprise that trade among different nations makes the world better off. International trade allows markets to expand their goods and services to a larger client base so that they are more available, making them cost cheaply. They also make certain products available when they otherwise aren’t.

Since the first days that air freight and sea freight traffic have expanded worldwide, the exchange of imports and exports worldwide has led to the booming of cargo transportation services and freight forwarding, where logistics services are offered in order to coordinate with one shipping company or more to ensure the on-time delivery of goods.

For any operating business, working with a reliable freight forwarding services company like freight master Singapore is critical to ensure that their products are shipped on time. However, what’s lesser known is the state of the freight market.

What is the freight market? What is the difference between local freight and international freight? Here’s everything you need to know to get you started.


When firms or individuals buy certain goods that are produced abroad, there are two kinds of entities that are responsible for the movement of these goods. These entities are the shipping company and the freight forwarding agency.
The shipping company, on the one hand, is the entity responsible for the actual transportation of the goods, as they have the capacity to operate carrier transports (i.e. rail, air freight, or sea freight) that can hold the goods as they move from one part of the globe to another.

The freight forwarding agency, on the other hand, is the one that’s responsible for coordinating the shipments. They liaise closely with clients to advise them on the costs as well as the necessary arrangements, and then work these arrangements with the shipping companies and the different customs authorities to provide the necessary documents for clearance, arrange the payments, and ensure that the shipment is delivered on time and in peak condition.

What are Freight Forwarders?

Freight forwarding agencies go by many names, such as “non-vessel owning common carrier” (NVOCC), multimodal transport operator, global logistics company, supply chain manager, and even information broker. However, you should know that these are essentially the same, with their names simply the result of more recent marketing efforts.

A freight forwarder can be classified as belonging to either of three groups:

• Local companies – These are single-office enterprises that deal with the local customer base in Singapore and specialize in local freight operations and logistics services. They typically operate at a seaport or airport area where they can best specialize on different types of traffic.

• National companies – Many freight forwarding services have offices in different ports and airports as well as in large industrial cities, and often have their own handling depots or warehouses where they can operate their own services, such as consolidating customers’ shipments.

• International companies – An international logistics company would be easy to identify as international companies have their own offices overseas, which gives them more coverage as well as a wider range of services to offer.

Size should not be the criteria to look at when considering a forwarding agency, as different criterion that come into mind when choosing a service tend to overlap. You should also keep in mind that the industry is made up of different firms that have their own specializations.

Over the years, freight forwarding companies have become more sophisticated in order to better cater to present and future client bases. They have also become more available at all levels of the supply chain, in turn becoming a crucial service to companies both big and small.

What Services Do They Offer?

As mentioned above, the freight forwarder is basically in charge of coordinating the movement of goods to ensure that they arrive on time and in peak condition. Forwarders are usually appointed either by importers or exporters to pick up the goods at a specific address and generally act on their behalf.

Freight and Transportation

The two biggest means of transporting goods are air freight and sea freight, right next to transportation by means of land (via trucks) and rail (train). Because http://www.freightmaster.sg/ from Singapore is the link between the seller and buyer, they will book space on either mode/s of transport after advising the customer on the best route available.

Their key function is to arrange for space on the transport and to take careful documentation not just on the nature and quantity of the shipment, but also on the transport’s route and destination. Once the goods arrive, the forwarders then forward the goods, collect them, and coordinate the delivery to the buyer.

Air vs. Sea

The main difference between air freight and sea freight is simply that the latter is meant for heavier shipments, while the former is for lighter ones. This explains why there are more terms that you should know relating to transporting goods by sea rather than by air.

While ships are good for transporting heavier goods, they do have their drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is that they take longer to reach their destination. They are also more likely, in some instances, to be handled poorly unless registered under high priority.

Transporting by airplane, on the other hand, limits the quantity of goods that you can move in one shipment, and having all your goods moved by plane may require multiple flights.

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When to Call a Plumbing Service

A lot of homeowners tend to do their plumbing works on their own for many different reasons. Some are motivated by being able to save money while for others, it’s the feeling of fixing your own property and being able to try out their own skills and craftsmanship.

However, not all repair jobs can be done by the average homeowner. There are some jobs that require the experience, expertise, and tools that can only be provided by reliable plumber. But when should you throw in the towel and let the professionals handle the plumbing works? Here are a few things that you should call a plumbing service for.

1. Maintenance

A regular maintenance schedule can help you avoid costly repairs. Pipes need to be regularly maintained to make sure that small fixes do not lead to larger, more expensive breakdowns. A reliable plumber has the knowledge to do a thorough inspection of your plumbing works, from detecting leaky pipes to clearing clogged drains.

During an inspection, your plumber will clean aerator heads on your faucets and shower heads. They will also clean garbage disposals and water heaters, conduct pressure tests to detect leaks, inspect your filter system, and test for lead.

2. Clogs and slow drains

Of course, clogs are some of the most urgent problems that your pipes can have. While you may try to clear the clog with a plunger, some clogs just won’t budge. This could be because your plunger is too small for the sewage line. Some homeowners go down and dirty by trying to break-up the clog themselves, but this could damage your porcelain, or cause further damage to your pipes.

To make sure that you don’t worsen the problem or have your efforts wasted, call an expert. If you already have a clog that is causing a flood, you will need plumbing services like http://www.superplumbers.sg/ from Singapore immediately. On the other hand, if a clog ever occurs at night, don’t hesitate to call a 24 hours plumber in Singapore.

Slow drains can be as much of an issue as clogged pipes. Water that drains slowly, such as those that could happen in sinks and tubs, can worsen to become full-blown clogs. It is always a good idea to call a plumber as soon as you notice water draining slower than usual.

3. Leaks and drips

Leaks and drips are a nuisance in many ways. Not only do they raise your water bill, costing you money on wasted water, they can also damage your property and belongings. Not only that, leaks can also be noisy and annoying. Leaky faucets and showers may be easy to fix; you may only need to change the washer or tighten a screw or two. However, if this doesn’t work, it’s time to call a professional plumber to make sure that you don’t waste any more water or damage your property further.

4. Reduced water flow

If instead of too much water it’s not enough water that’s your problem, it may mean that you need to call a plumbing contractor. Weak water pressure can mean that your shower’s aerator is clogged, or coated with residue. While you can remove and clean an aerator yourself, certain models can make DIY fixes overly complicated. If you try to force your way into unclogging an aerator, you may simply worsen the problem, so it is best to call a licensed plumber instead.

5. Inconsistent water pressure

An inconsistent water pressure is a tell-tale sign of bigger issues. Whether it’s just the pressure of a single pipe, or a problem with your entire house, it’s always a good idea to have it checked by a licensed plumber.

While the problem may be something as mundane as a clogged pipe, finding out the cause of the problem by yourself can very costly. Licensed plumbers have the tools and knowledge to figure out where the problem lies without having to manually check every pipe, saving you time and effort.

6. Visible water damage

Signs of water damage that is left untreated can mean great costs for you in the future. These signs can include water stains, mold, and discolored walls. It is a good idea to contact one of the many plumbing services in Singapore the moment you notice them, as water can cause mold and damage your property and belongings.

7. Gurgling pipes

If your pipes gurgle whenever they are used, or moments after you have turned off a faucet or flushed the toilet, this means that your pipes are clogged. If they gurgle when they are not used, it may mean that air is being drawn into the drains, due to a blockage.

As the drains continue to be used, a back-up may occur. This may also cause sewage smells to occur in a building. If you hear gurgling sounds within your plumbing system, try to minimize water use and contact a plumbing service on http://www.superplumbers.sg/contact-us/ in Singapore immediately.

8. Major installations

When you’re installing major appliances or fixtures, you will need the expertise of a plumber. Trying to install an appliance yourself may cause avoidable repairs, and may even lead to a re-installation. Even if you will have to spend some money, a consultation with a plumbing service can save you time, effort and money in the long run.

You will also need the services or a plumber when doing remodels and renovations. When changing the structure of a room, you will often need to move appliances and fixtures around, which means that you may need to move supply lines and drains. If you attempt to do this yourself, you may end up ruining your lines, resulting in even more costs.

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Food and Snacks That are Perfect for Your Coffee Business

Coffee isn’t just great as a morning beverage to give you the energy you need to face the day ahead, it’s also a perfect complement for some tasty treats you can add to your mobile coffee cart business in Singapore near commercial spaces.

Why limit your menu to the usual latte, cappuccino, and mocha when you can add snacks and even coffee food recipes to your coffee catering list?

Coffee for breakfast can be paired with crepes that are healthy and filling. Serve crepes in your mobile coffee menu that come with cheese, meat, vegetables, and herbs.

Wheat and Oatmeal
Health-conscious coffee cart customers might enjoy oatmeal and wheat bread with their coffee. Simply toast the healthy whole wheat varieties to bring out their light, grainy texture. However, any whole wheat snack will do, especially if the customer is looking for a snack that is both filling and guilt-free.

For those who don’t find light breakfast with coffee filling, you might want to serve coffee from butler koffee coffee cart from Singapore along with savory food such as omelet with herbs and mushrooms. Another alternative is the quiche, which will complement the taste of Pacific coffee varieties. Serve cheese quiche with a crispy crust to add texture to the meal, or you could add zucchini and bacon quiche for those looking for a different twist.

Fried Egg and Bacon
Serve slices of fried egg and bacon on a pastry crust for a filling breakfast with coffee. Who can resist bacon and coffee in the morning?

Add color and variety to your mobile coffee menu with fruits that will complement most coffee recipes, such as the different varieties of berries, apricot, peach, plum, and fruit tarts. Fruits are light and generally sweet, but be careful when using desserts that are too sweet or too sour for coffee.

Any coffee cart business should at least have one fruit or fruit-based dessert on the menu for customers who have a sweet tooth. Fruit scones are not just great with tea, they can also be paired with coffee, especially the varieties with wine in the recipe. Sweet breads made from fruits also complement the bitter flavors of coffee.

Who says you can’t have both coffee and chocolate? Stock up your coffee push cart snack menu with chocolate brownies that go well with mocha or espresso. Serve slices of chocolate cake or chocolate mousse, perfect for any Arabica coffee. The slightly bitter dark chocolate also complements the taste of most dark roast coffee, while milk and white chocolate give milder flavors for most types of coffee.

Besides chocolate, you can also serve slices of other types of cake such as coffee, mocha, carrot, and others. Choose varieties that will not overpower the taste of the coffee for your mobile coffee cart menu. The coffee cake is your safest bet, because it will complement the aroma of any type of coffee.

Served with maple syrup, pancakes can make a healthy and tasty breakfast with coffee. The sweet and bitter flavors will surely cheer up your customers the morning.

Bread and Buns
Breads and buns offer a variety of choices for your mobile coffee cart customers. The cinnamon bun for example, can be paired with any type of latte because of the hints of chocolate and caramel. Bread of any size and flavor can be paired with most coffee, but you should add essentials, such as pecan rolls, orange walnut, monkey bread or cinnamon bread, German stolen, butter pecan, and Frisian sugar bread.

Muffins and Croissants
If you don’t want to limit the mobile coffee cart menu to bread and buns, you can also add muffins and croissants to your list. In fact, croissants go well with café au lait, and muffins make an excellent pair with Mexican coffee. Your coffee push cart customers will also love the bran muffins with nuts and fruits.

Cookies and Doughnuts
There are so many doughnuts to choose one that’s it’s impossible not to find any variety that will complement most types of coffee. The doughnut-coffee pairing is a thing after all. Light cookies also complement most coffees, and they can be a tasty treat for your coffee catering customers who want healthier options such as oatmeal cookies.

Biscuits, especially layered biscuits give texture and flavor to a lonely cup of coffee. Serve both savory and sweet biscuits for your mobile coffee customers.

Coffee Food
The best thing about having your own coffee cart business is that you also get to serve food with coffee in the ingredients. Not only can you create tasty snacks, but you can also serve meat and vegetable dishes with coffee. For example, instead of serving the usual bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich, marinate the bacon in ground coffee powder, chili powder, sugar, and molasses to create a fantastic snack.

Even a tuna can be marinated with coffee, salt, and sugar to make an exciting tuna salad with dressing. How about a hearty beef stew? Just add strong coffee to the soup to give it a different flavor. You can use coffee to marinate almost any type of meat or add flavor to any vegetarian meal.

Coffee Pairing by Region
Another way of serving the best food with regional coffee on your mobile coffee cart menu is to remember the characteristic qualities of coffee from each region and find food that will complement its texture and aroma. Coffee recipes from Africa and the Arab region need to be paired with citrus and floral-flavored food, such as cinnamon, cardamom, berries, citrus, currants, chocolate, and raisins.

Coffee from the Latin American region need food that will complement its tangy taste, such as nuts, apple, bread, muffin, blueberries, and citrus. While coffee from the Asia and the Pacific region should be paired with herbal and floral-flavored food, such as herbs, cinnamon, butter, cheese, caramel, toffee, and maple.

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Why You Should Invest in an Alkaline Water Ionizer

Whenever you think of a cool new appliance to purchase for your home, an alkaline water ionizer is probably at the bottom of your list. Well, guess what? It’s time you change your outlook about this appliance. Water ionizers actually offer more benefits than simply providing clean water to you and your family. To make you understand why it’s a must-have item in your home, here are some of the numerous advantages of investing in a water purifying machine for your Singapore household.

1. It Produces Safe and Chlorine-Free Water

Alkaline water ionizers are often used to filter your tap water to give you clean and chlorine-free drinking water. This helps ensure that you and your family won’t be exposed to bacteria, impurities or any harmful chemicals that might be present in the water. By investing on a good alkaline water ioniser machine, you can rest assured that your water would be safe to drink.

2. It Offers Healthier, Better-Tasting Water

Unlike some water filter systems, alkaline water ionisers go a step further – they use a refined electrolysis process to separate the negative and positive ions in tap water, and produce a drinking water with high pH levels. One of its effects is making alkaline water taste better than tap or filtered water. You can use this better-tasting and healthier water for drinking, cleaning your food, as well as for cooking. With alkaline water, you will never have to drink or use weird-tasting tap water ever again.

3. It Improves the Hydration of Our Body

Since its water molecules are smaller than that of tap water, alkaline water from www.h2olifesource.com in Singapore is able to penetrate our cells easily. That means alkaline ionized water is more easily absorbed into your body, and is capable of efficiently and quickly hydrating your body. Proper hydration is crucial for achieving a healthy lifestyle and improving your energy levels, and simply having an alkaline water ionizing unit in your home can already make that much difference.

4. It Helps in Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Aside from improving your body’s hydration, investing in an alkaline water ionizer can also be good for your skin. With the different pH levels produced by a water ionizer – and due to its hydrating properties – drinking alkaline water will ensure that you will have a fresher and cleaner complexion than before. With all the stress you put on your skin and the pollutants in the surroundings, using alkaline water can be an easy and quick way to give back your skin’s natural glow. So, is there any home appliance that can give you that?

5. It Promotes Good Blood Circulation

Another reason why it’s worth investing on this water filter system is because the water it produces promotes and improves the blood circulation. The high pH levels of alkaline water reduces oxidation, since it contains what is known as negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). With a negative ORP, alkaline water is able to slow down the potential damage brought by the free radicals in your blood. Purchasing an alkaline water ioniser machine is just a simple way of ensuring that you and your family have good blood circulation.

6. It Contains Cancer-Preventive Properties

Water produced by ionizing machines has been shown to contain cancer-preventive properties. Alkaline water has also been linked to lowering the effects of certain lifestyle diseases, including those who are suffering from cancer. Some studies also provided evidence of alkaline water helping slow down tumour growth by hampering the growth of blood vessels that are feeding the tumours.

7. It Prevents Ageing

Since alkaline water contains antioxidants and removes reactive oxygen from the body, it serves as a great help in the prevention of ageing. It does so by reducing cell damage, which leads to the physiology of ageing. With the varied health benefits of alkaline water ionizers, drinking this filtered water can slow your ageing process by keeping you healthier and happier.

Tips for Shopping a Water Ionizing Machine

    • Research on Your Machine Provider. Ensure that the company you are ordering from has a good reputation, the right certifications, as well as solid return policy and warranty. Knowing all these things about your chosen provider lets you know as to whether or not their product and services can meet – or even exceed – your expectations.

    • Decide What Features You Want. Knowing what features you want to have in your water ionizing unit will help you decide which machine you would like to purchase. The difference between each alkaline water ionizer is that it has either three, five, seven, eight, nine or 11 ionization plates that affect the water’s flow rate and pH range. All of its other functions will be just a matter of your preference.

    • Ensure You Purchase a Pre-Filter. Always remember that no on-board ionization filter addresses every contaminants and chemicals present in tap water, which is why it’s necessary to purchase pre-filters to ensure that you will get optimal drinking water regardless of the brand of the alkaline water ioniser machine you use.

    • Ask About the Product Warranty. Just like with purchasing any other appliance, ensure that you inquire about the company’s warranty on the product. Read on the warranty to know how the provider stands behind their units. If possible, choose companies that offer a lifetime guarantee on their machine parts and labour.

It’s easy to see why alkaline water is becoming increasingly acceptable and popular in Singapore these days. These products offer long-lasting positive effects on our health, influencing almost every aspect of our life. The amazing properties of alkaline water is definitely what makes them a must-have in your home.

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