4 Signs That Your Partner is Cheating


In today’s generation, one of the biggest issues that most people faced is the issue of infidelity. The issue of being un-loyal, being unfaithful and being untrue is a reality that most people especially those in a relationship faces on today. Relationship are torn and broken apart, couple’s separated and families divided.


In a relationship, being involved in an affair is never a mistake – instead it is a choice where the couple is bound for its free will. Having a third wheel is too much of a load for the couple to carry, and no one deserves to be cheated and no one must settle to be a third wheel. This infidelity happens mostly because one partner is too blinded on the concept of love that they do not look into the gaps of the other just to maintain the relationship. Here are four signs to know that your partner is cheating on you;

  1. His time is yours no more – Busy. Busy. Busy

One of the signs that your partner is cheating on you is when unlike the usual his or her schedule suddenly shifts from time to time, they are not around anymore like the usual, and being with them is not as easy as before. Sometimes, when you ask for them to come around and pick you up or you want to hang out with them unscheduled, they suddenly have some “other” things to do. If you are with them, sometimes they seem to be always in a hurry for something. Hey, if your partner is acting like this then having q pint of doubt is not that bad.

  1. He won’t allow you to his/her personal stuffs anymore

If your guy or girl becomes more secretive with his personal stuffs unlike the usual then maybe they are up to something. For instance, before you can easily access his or her cellphone or social media account but now you can’t because he changed his/her password and when you ask them why, they seem to answer in a very uneasy way.


  1. He won’t let you have dates on public places

If dating was easy before where you can just have long walks in the park or window shop at your favorite mall, or even chill and read books in your favorite café, but now when you ask him or her if you can go for a walk in the park or help you find a specific item in the mall he or she is uncomfortable anymore. He or she will reason out that they are busy or might as well suggest a new place to go to where there are less people. This is okay but if it happens a lot of time then maybe you can start doubting their actions.

  1. He is acting strange, real strange

When your guy or gal is acting quite strange like he or she gets mad easily for no reason or his or her sweetness is not there anymore, then having a little doubt is not that bad.  This sudden change of behavior can be an effect of something they are up to. Or if they are being too sweet all of a sudden, quite clingy unlike before maybe they are having the guilt attack that is why they tend to do this things again.


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