4 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep


To be a healthy and optimally functional, you need to have at least seven hours of sleep every night. It’s important to have enough slumber time as sleep deprivation can lead to a range of problems, from weight gain, to feeling sluggish, to higher risk of accidents. To know whether or not you need more time to snooze, here are a few less-obvious signs you need to watch out for.

Tired woman in front of computer

  1. You are Not as Sharp as Usual

Sleep is important for your brain to fire up all cylinders. Poor quality of sleep can lead to cognitive fogginess. In fact, in a study made in adults across six countries, it was found that those people who had better sleep performed much better on cognitive tests compared to those with poorer Zs. Signs to look for: you’re not as sharp, have difficulty with your motor skills and impaired short-term memory.

  1. Sex Doesn’t Sound Exciting to You

Sure, when you’re tired and need to catch up some sleep, you are well aware that the having fun under the sheet is going to come at the cost of precious snooze time. Although in theory, it going to be worth it; in practice, a guy’s libido and testosterone level is much lower without enough rest. The same goes for the ladies: more sleep means better sex drive, less sleep does the opposite.


  1. You Keep Getting Sick

Poor immunity can be due to lack of rest. A study suggests that those who sleep less than seven hours a night are three times more prone to catching a cold than those who sleep longer hours. When you are deprived of enough rest, your body’s white blood cells, which fights foreign bodies and infections, are greatly reduced and those remaining are less powerful.

  1. Any Food Looks Appetizing

If you find yourself frequently reaching to the vending machine for some chips, cookies or a bar of candy, not enough sleep may be the culprit. When we’re feeling sluggish, we tend to reach for sugary treats for that instant burst of energy. Plus, there’s the tendency that when feeling tired, we don’t make the best judgments—the reason for the frequent drive-thrus on the way home.

It can be tricky as most of these things can be signs of a bunch of different things. However, if you notice any of these after a late-night movie marathon, you should already know why.


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