A Brief Guide of Chlamydia  


Sex education in America has become a part of their curriculum. This benefits a lot of people especially students but there is a school in Texas (Crane Independent School District) that does not offer sex education. The school simply believes that abstinence is the key.


No matter how pure their intentions are, the school suffered a chlamydia outbreak – a sexually transmitted disease where twenty of their students are affected. The outbreak of sexually transmitted disease is not only the problem of Texas or America but also the whole world.

Here in Singapore, we do not often hear or talk about sexually transmitted disease maybe because of it being a taboo. This time, we have to talk about a specific sexually transmitted disease – chlamydia.

Here is a glance at chlamydia:


  • What is Chlamydia? Chlamydia is primarily an infection caused by bacteria transmitted during sexual contacts. This is the most common sexually transmitted disease around the world (more common than gonorrhoea and syphilis).
  • Symptoms: Chlamydia is very silent that it comes without a warning. Most people do not know they have chlamydia. Chlamydia starts five to ten days after contracting the infection. Women usually experience symptoms like abdominal pain, fever and vaginal discharge or bleeding. Men may experience burning feeling when urinating, discharges from the penis and swollen testicles.
  • Diagnosis: If we think that we have the symptoms, there is no reason why we delay some tests. We should see our doctors right away. We do not need to worry about the confidentiality of our results.
  • Treatment: The good news is that chlamydia can be easily treatable with the use of antibiotics. This is why we have to see our doctors right away.


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