Applications for Camping Trips

You are the adventurous type. Whenever you go for camping, you have to bring everything you need but be sure that it is light enough for you to carry. Camping trips are fun and memorable especially if you spend it with your family or friends. If you are planning for a camping trip, you have to prepare a lot of things to ensure that it will be successful.


If this is not your first time to camp, you already know the things to pack and the safety guidelines. What more do you need? Perhaps you will find it helpful to consider mobile applications to ease your camping trips. If you are interested of the applications, you can refer here:

  • Clear: You think that you packed everything but when you are at the site, you suddenly realized you left something and it is too late to go back. Clear app will not let that happen. Clear is a simple application that will help you not forget anything. You only need to swipe your fingers, create lists and add tasks so you won’t forget anything.
  • Weather Channel: Weather Channel will help you foresee the forces of nature. It will tell you the weather, humidity and more. You will even get hourly readings or updates of the weather. Weather is important in camping. You have to make sure that the weather is fine when you camp and this app will help you.


  • iSurvive Wilderness: This application is not necessary but if you want to be safe and secure, you have to download and install it anyway. Even if you are an expert, it will give you a sense of relief knowing that you have iSurvive Wilderness application in your pocket in case you forget something.
  • ViewRanger Outdoors: The foldable map is a thing of the past. Now you can navigate with the help of ViewRanger Outdoors. This application will help you locate your spot by activating the GPS.
  • Sunrise: You will forget everything when you see the sunset or the sunrise. If you are keen on watching the sunrise, you have to install this application so you will wake up in time. You will know when the sun will rise. Do not forget to set the alarm.

That should be enough for your camping trip. More than the preparations, you have to make sure that you will have fun. There are many camping sites here in Singapore that you can consider.


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