Mentalities That We Should Avoid  


We are unique because we have different sets of personalities, temperament and behaviours. No one is alike. However, our personality, temperament and behaviour can affect our physical health. We might not notice it but our thoughts are tied to our physical health.


This article seeks to reveal thoughts that we should embrace and what we should dodge since it can affect our physical health. We have to remember that positive disposition in life reflects our vibrant, vigour and health.

Here are some thoughts that we should dodge right away:

  • Stress: Prolonged stress can kill us and if it doesn’t, heart diseases can. There was a study in Israel where researchers found out that those who suffer job burnout (a condition when stress becomes uncontrollable) tend to develop type 2 diabetes.


  • Cynicism: Cynics are not fun to be with. These people tend to mistrust others and give off hostile energy. According to a study made by Boyle among Vietnam veterans, they found out that 25% of hostile veterans are likely to develop heart diseases. This is because they tend to experience more stress which in turn spikes their immune system protein (called C3) WHICH IS connected with different diseases like diabetes.
  • Lack of meaning: When we lack meaning, we just live the day as it is and wait for our time. We do not need researches to deduce that people with higher purpose derive meaning in everything they do and engage in activities that they think are important.

These thoughts sound simple and we can triumph anytime but this is easier said and done. Here in Singapore, there are many people with such thoughts but we have to make sure that it won’t infect us.


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