Pros and Cons of Biometric Access Systems

Most modern buildings can improve their security and monitoring systems by combining the technology of CCTV with your current intercom solution and the biometric door access system. But before you decide which biometrics system can be integrated with your IP CCTV, you should keep in mind the following advantages and disadvantages of the most sophisticated door access control system.

Difficult to Fake
It is easy to track access entry using facial biometric, voice recognition and thumbprint biometric unlike mechanical keys. That is because the keys are the physical features of the person such as the facial structure, voice and fingerprint which have unique characteristics. It will not be easy for a person to lose this key unlike the memorization of numbers in a pin access door system and the use of a physical card for a card access door system.

Better Authentication
CCTV camera surveillance can double as a tool for facial biometric. There is no need for people to get close to a scanner to be identified by the security, making it a convenient tool for better authentication and identification in any office or building in Singapore. This type of access system not only limits access to areas in the building but is also a constant monitoring tool to keep the occupants safe. This can be integrated with a sophisticated IP camera system and intercom system to maximize security.

Data is Non-Transferable
Because the physical features of a person are unique, it is easier to identify fakes and impostors within a few seconds using a security camera. Other door access systems without biometric authentication are more prone to errors of identification and verification and use a lot of storage just for the data. With the biometric door access offered by Singapore secure office products and systems, the person can be identified within five seconds with minimal chance of mistaken identity.

Easy to Use
The door access control system is quite easy to use, not only because the technology continuously improves, but because it can be integrated easily with other existing systems like the CCTV security cameras. Scanning and storing new data for authorized personnel are easy, too. The IP camera can also be used to monitor footage of office staff in Singapore and to check attendance, absences, and many more.

There Might Be Errors
There is a chance that the security camera or the thumbprint biometric might falsely reject or falsely accept a data if the system is unable to scan the individual’s physical characteristics. It can be addressed with proper maintenance of the intercom system and measures set in place in case this happens.

Information such as fingerprints might be stolen and used for criminal purposes. Incidents like these, however, are rare. This is also why an intercom system connected with the IP camera system is useful for easier coordination with security personnel in case another verification is needed.

Biometric Systems are Expensive
Small businesses in Singapore might not be able to enjoy the benefits of an access system although they can opt for several IP camera to monitor the people coming and going from the office. Setup, storage, and maintenance of IP CCTV might also be an expensive investment, so most experts might offer options that are affordable to small-time companies. However, you can opt to use an analog camera and a cheaper SIP intercom for small offices.

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