Protecting the Elders from Crime

The police are taking serious steps to protect the ageing residents at Sengkang West and Ang Mo Kio. Seniors should feel safe and secure because of the increased patrolling and home visits by the police. Apart from that, the police also launched the Silver Watch. The Silver Watch is a programme that seeks to teach seniors on how to deal with crimes. It will include series of road shows and talks that tackles about crime relating to the elders.


There is no question that the elderly are susceptible to crime. Many offenders eye the elders because they believe that they are frail and gullible. If you are on your prime years, it is important that you know how to battle crimes and avoid being a victim. Here are some tips that you can practice:

At home

Do not open your doors automatically. It is better if you install a peephole. If you know the person, you can open your doors widely. If it is a stranger, do not attempt to open the door. Always lock your windows and doors.


At the bank

Many criminals know when your retirement payment is due. The best thing to do is arrange for it to be deposited directly in your account. If you have a son/daughter who is available, you need to ask him/her to accompany you at the bank.

At the car

When you are driving, do not stop for hitch hikers. When you are travelling at night, be sure to pass a well lit street. When you go out of the car, make sure to lock the windows and the doors. Keep your things out of sight; you can put your things inside the trunk.


While walking

When you are walking, be sure to pass well lit and populated streets. If you can invite someone to accompany you, that would be better. Avoid walking alone at night. When you walk, be inconspicuous as much as possible. This means that you should not carry bulky and large bags.

You can help other seniors by spreading these tips. Crime can be prevented but when things go wrong, it is better to ask for help.

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