The Conclusion of Sochi Olympics

Many Singaporeans watched the televised airing of the Sochi Winter Olympics. It was successful. The Olympics featured athletes in different fields and disciplines. Winners were congratulated and commended but what made the Sochi Olympics memorable? It is the closing ceremony that made the Winter Olympics memorable. It was concluded lightly and emotionally.


What transpired during the closing ceremony? Here’s an idea:


  • The venue: The closing ceremony was held at Fish Stadium. It was along the Black Sea Coast. It started with a spectacle of fireworks.
  • Dancers with costumes: There were hundreds of dancers with glistening costumes that formed the five rings. At first, only four rings opened. The last ring did not open due to technical glitch but eventually it was redeemed. After some time, the fifth ring opened which immediately changed the mood of the audience.
  • Music: A choir of children performed the national anthem. After the rendition of the national anthem, a famous pianist played the Rachmaninoff Piano Concert no. 2. It was Dennis Matsuev.
  • Ballet companies: The thrill never stopped there. There were ballet companies (Mariinsky of St. Petersburg and Bolshoi of Moscow) who performed. They performed great dancing.
  • Showcase of literature: The closing ceremony also showcased literature works of famous Russians like Alexander Pushkin, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and many other writers.
  • Other performances: Audiences are awed with circus performances. Many people had fun watching acrobats, dancing, clowns, trapeze and twirling.

The closing ceremony was indeed memorable. After the performances, the handover commenced. The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held at Pyeongchang, South Korea. Singaporeans are looking forward to the next Winter Olympics. We will see what South Korea has to offer in 2018.



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