The Most Popular Songs of Singapore

Here in Singapore, the most famous music that is usually played are punk and rock music. However, there are different genres that are very known in the nation. Aside from cars and other transport vehicles, Singaporeans also loves to play and listen to music most especially during their free a centre of rock and punk culture. Although there are different music genres that are popular in the country, the people here love to rock and roll. As a matter of fact, many Singaporeans are always listening to radio using their mobile devices like cellphones and radios that are mounted in cars. Singapreans love to listen to different kind of songs but nowadays, music will not last long because there are so many song writers who pursue to write not just because they have the passion to do it but it’s more about the money that they will get after their duty. For them, it more about being practical n life.


Since there are a lot of songs that are composed today, Singaporeans still listen to the songs that which they called timeless because no matter how old the song is, it remained from the minds of the people that it’s a nice song.

These are the songs that made history in the music industry of Singapore:


  • In 1960s, the band called ‘The Crecendos’, produced a heavy metal song entitled “Mr Twister”.
  • Also during the 1960s “Shanty”, “Don’t play that song” and Mr. Rainbow by the band The Quests was the most popular pop songs during the said period.
  • “My Lonely Heart” and “You Were Made For Me To Love.” are both love signs that are made popular by the band, The Thunderbirds.



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