Travel Slipups You Need to Stop Making

As much as you want your travel to be successful, you have to accept that it cannot be perfect. Somewhere along the way, there will be something. What do you do when there are slipups? You have to continue no matter what. The essence of traveling is discovering things and learning from it – good or bad. But sometimes, there are slipups that you can avoid if you look more closely.

You just hope when you commit travel slipups it won’t cost you too much money. Here are some tips to stop creating travel slipups:

  • Early booking of flight: Booking last minute will surely cost you but it is the same as booking a year before. Indeed there are cheaper flights if you book early but not as far as a year or two before the planned trip. Save money from cancellation or rebooking by booking at least 6 to 8 weeks before the planned date. The lowest prices will be 3 to 4 months before your planned trip. If you really want to grab cheaper flights, watch out for airlines throwing flight promotions.


  • Neglecting hostels: One or two weeks before your travel, you have to take care of your accommodation. When choosing accommodation, you neglect hostels thinking that it is crummy. That is where you are wrong. Hostels these days boast of better amenities. You just need to read the reviews. You can save a lot more if you book here. Hotels are expensive.

  • Taking cab all the time: It is normal to take a cab when you are new for easy navigation but if you want to save money, it is recommended that you take public transportation. Some cab drivers, knowing you are new in town, will take you to endless “ride”. You will be surprised of the bill if you are not careful. Immerse yourself in their culture and have fun taking public transportation.


  • Dining at restaurants: Traveling is never complete if you do not taste their cuisines or dishes. It is okay to dine at restaurants every now and then, splurging but you will miss a lot of good things outside. You can find good food even in roadside stalls. Do not burn a hole on your pocket just to eat at exclusive restaurants.


  • Ignoring insurance: You do not get insurance because you think it is extra cost on your part but you will never know what will happen there. You have to think of worse scenarios especially if you are going outside of Singapore. Insurance can help big time. Do not try to ignore it.

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