Understanding Web Hosting Types

If you are planning to get a website for personal or business purposes, it is necessary that you understand what web hosting is. Every website needs a space on the Internet for it to be published, just as every building needs a piece of land for it to be constructed.

How Does It Work?
For your personal or business website to be accessible in the Internet, there has to be a high-powered computer, or web server, to make that work. When a person wants to go to your website, he will type in your web address on the URL bar. He will then be connected to your web server and from there he can view, download, listen to, etc., what your website contains.

Cheap Web Hosting
Web servers are generally expensive. Particularly for small businesses or startups, the cost of acquiring high-powered computers is definitely a burden on the company’s operating expenses, not to mention the cost of maintaining and updating them for optimum performance. In Singapore, most small companies or startups buy the services of established web hosting singapore companies. This way, they eliminate the need to acquire, set up, and maintain a web server of their own. All computers, machines and devices necessary for hosting have been made available for lease.

Types of Hosting
There are different types of hosting, with each type serving a specific purpose.

1. Shared Web Hosting
Of the different types of hosting, shared hosting is the easiest and most common. In this type, several websites that need hosting have a single shared hosting server.
The main advantage of having a shared hosting server in Singapore is its cheaper costs. It becomes a low-cost option of hosting since a company will not need to pay for an entire web server. Another advantage is convenience. The hosting company will take charge of maintaining the server and will see to it that it has the latest security updates for optimum performance and maximum protection.
However, a shared hosting server also has a drawback. If one website becomes too busy, all other websites that are hosted in that server will be affected.

2. Dedicated Web Hosting
In dedicated hosting, the entire web server is exclusive for only one company. Therefore, the company can use up the server for its several purposes.
The good point about dedicated hosting is its flexibility. For example, an entrepreneur in Singapore can customize the web server’s specifications, thus maximizing its use. Another advantage of dedicated hosting is the assurance of fast speed and good uptime. This is because only one website uses all the resources.
However, much technical knowledge is required in dedicated hosting as you will have to configure and maintain the server. It is also more costly as no other companies take a share of it.

3. Virtual Private Server
Virtual private server in Singapore is like a fusion of shared web hosting and dedicated hosting. In VPS, one server is shared by several companies like shared hosting. However, with virtualization technology, the server can be configured in such a way that each partition can function like a dedicated server, having specific dedicated resources.

The positive aspect of this type of Singapore web hosting is that your website will not be affected if other websites get too busy as there are partitions. However, some disadvantages include higher costs than shared hosting as there is fewer companies that will occupy the same server. Technical knowledge is also required for you to gain full control over your server.

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