Ways to Fight Five of the Most Common Workout Excuses

While taking a day off the gym is essential to sustain a healthy workout schedule, it’s another story if your off days start to last for more than a week. It might already be time to nip that little voice in your head who’s making all the excuses for you to skip your gym date. To help you, we’ve rounded up five of the most used workout excuses as well as the ways to fight them and get you moving again.


  1. “I’m too busy and I don’t have enough time to attend my gym classes.”

Admit it. You’ve used this excuse a couple of times already to skip your workout exercises. We’re guilty as well, but everyone definitely has a little time to spare, even those with the busiest schedule. If you only decide to fit your gym date into your schedule, we’re sure that you’ll be able to spare at least 20 minutes of your time to perform some easy routines.

  1. “Even if I want to exercise, I don’t have a gym access or membership.”

This is an excuse used by people who don’t want to invest their money nor their time going into the gym. Guess what? You don’t really need to get a gym membership to start working out. All that you need is a pair of sneakers, some workout clothes, a set of dumbbells and a mat. If you want to exercise using a fitness program, there are hundreds of online programs that offer workout and nutritional tips. Even with these workout pieces alone, you can already perform more than 60 workouts in your home. So, who needs a gym access?


  1. “It’s already dark by the time I leave from work.”

If you can’t workout in the afternoon, then why not do it first thing in the morning? Doing it will make you feel more committed to live a healthy lifestyle, and some studies also showed that you get to burn more fat by exercising in the morning.

  1. “My muscles are extremely sore.”

If there’s one good thing about muscle soreness, it shows that you’ve worked hard. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should take another day off. If a specific muscle group is sore, then work on a different muscle group for the meantime. You’ll even be surprised as to how you’ll feel a lot better once blood starts flowing in that specific muscle group.

  1. “I had a really stressful day at work and I’m not in the mood to exercise.”

Having a stressful day at work is never a valid excuse to skip your gym class. You may not heard of it yet, but exercise is actually of the top stress relievers. Release all your stress on your workout and you’ll be definitely feel a lot better afterwards – and we mean a whole lot better than you eating your stress out.

Understand that using these excuses to skip your workout sessions is a form of self-sabotage, regardless of how justified it may seem. So start losing your excuses not and get fit for good again.


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