5 Simple Alternatives to Kitchen Gadgets that You Already Have at Home

Your kitchen may not have all the culinary tools you will need to accomplish a certain task, whether the tools you have happen to be in the dishwasher or that you don’t want to spend money on something you will rarely use.

In lieu of these gadgets, here are a few substitutes that could be handy in a pinch:

1. Bottles can do the work of rolling pins.

Rolling pins are essentially dough flatteners, and a wine bottle can easily fill this task. However, do handle bottles with care and try to avoid breaking them – the last thing you want in your pastry is broken glass.

2. Use two forks instead of a whisk or a hand mixer.

Blending ingredients into a mixture, such as whipping cream or eggs, need air, which a whisk usually lets you do with ease. However, two forks facing each other will do just fine. Create some space between the two by placing a folded paper towel and taping them together.

If all else fails, you can just skip the process and simply beat the mixture with a fork (you can never go wrong with that!).

3. A blender can be a stand-in for a food processor.

A high-powered blender is in a lot of ways similar to a food processor in that they contain blades and can make short work of things other than ice cubes – ingredients such as spices and meats can be blitzed at low or high speeds depending on your preference.

Keep in mind that this may not always work for cheeses as they might stick to the blades instead. For hard vegetables, such as carrots, you might have to chop them into small pieces beforehand. 

4. In a pinch, a large spoon will open a bottle for you.

Whether it’s a bottle of soda or beer, what you really need is a lever that will pop the bottle cap open, something that a large spoon can easily accomplish. With one hand, hold the bottle by the neck.

Once done, put the spoon’s front tip under the cap using the other hand and lift until the cap pops open.

5. Do not underestimate the versatility of aluminum foil.

This long, thin, foldable strip of metal has more uses than just covering dishes.

For instance, heavy duty foil can be used in lieu of a colander, or a sheet of foil folded into ridges can elevate lighter foods from baking sheets and keep them from sticking. You can even make it into a coil to support heavier foods, such as roast chicken, in the oven.

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