Finding a Date in Singapore

Finding a date anywhere else in the world can be a really hard task especially if you are a bit timid and not at all used to dating people and Singapore is no different from those places. Well, maybe just a little bit. The western style of dating and the Asian style of dating are naturally very different but Singapore is actually a combination of both. Instead of talking about the differences, let’s talk about what works in the Singapore dating game.

Here are a few things you can do to get a date in Singapore:

Know who to approach

There are people in Singapore who are just not that interested when it comes to dating and although you may think that everyone is approachable and polite, you have to make sure that they are interested. Just like every other place, there are people who are already in a relationship and do not take it very fondly if you randomly approach them even when your intentions is just to start a conversation. Look for people who do not seem like they are preoccupied and who seem more open to starting a conversation rather than randomly targeting anyone who passes by.

Know where to approach people

There are certain places where Singaporeans like to be approached and there are also certain places where Singaporeans do not really enjoy the extra attention. Going to bars or social places is a better place to approach people rather than starting a conversation in a cafe or in random spots across the mall.

Know when to approach people

Singaporeans tend to be very busy and approaching them at a wrong time may lead up to automatic rejection. Approaching Singaporeans after hours is usually a better idea than to approach them at any random time of the day. Although there may be some who enjoy that spontaneous adventure, others do not like it when you are interrupting them.

Know how to approach people

The approach must be simple, casual, but also very confident and less experimental. Going up to a Singaporean and telling them that you were dared to by your friends isn’t really gonna cut it and might give off a negative impression. Compliments are nice but do not overdo them as Singaporeans aren’t used to the whole king and queen style of dating. Instead, be respectful, interesting, but also firm and direct when you are approaching a random person.

It might be a bit difficult to start but once you get going, you’ll find a date in Singapore in no time.

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