Simple Reasons Why She Didn’t Give You Her Number

So let’s say you’re at a museum exhibit, just walking around, when unexpectedly you strike up a conversation with a girl. She’s pretty and just about your age, you talk and walk with each other for about 20 minutes and have a really fun time. Before you leave, you pick up the courage to ask for her number… but then she refuses.

This is an all too common scenario no matter where you are in Singapore. Whether at nightclubs, parks, beaches, and etc. And before you feel bad about yourself, be rational and know that there can be simple reasons why a girl doesn’t give you her number.

She’s not interested in romance

She might be focusing on her work, she might be close to pursuing her dreams, and she might just not be interested in dating at the moment. It’s simple, any girl can hold conversations with others without the intention of being in a relationship. She may enjoy talking or she may like your company, but it doesn’t mean that she wants you to be her boyfriend already. The simplest things to do initially is just not to assume things!

She’s already in a relationship

This is also another obvious reason why she won’t give you her number. Although there are some girls who say it outright once you start talking to them, it is important to consider beforehand the possibility of them being in a relationship. She may be out with her friends at a club or bar, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a boyfriend or even a husband. Sometimes girls in relationships and talk with guys as long as everything stays neutral. So clear everything up before asking her for her number.

She just had a breakup

Opposite the point above, even when a girl is not in a relationship, there’s also the possibility of a recent breakup. Everyone handles breakups differently. One can get over his/her ex in 2 years and one can do so in a month or even a week maybe. In this case, if you meet a girl when she’s still getting over a breakup, you’ll surely have a difficult time asking for her number or talking with her casually.

She’s not attracted to you

Now, calm down, this doesn’t exactly mean you’re ugly! There are hundreds of guys who are good-looking but don’t land a date with a girl they like. Just like how you can have preferences or “ideal types”, girls can too. Some girls can like tall guys, short guys, skinny guys, muscular guys. She might like your voice, or she might hate the way you move, there are some many reasons why a girl can like or unlike you.

Everything above sounds a bit harsh, huh? Not exactly! Even if there are reasons why a girl doesn’t give her number, there can be just as many reasons for another one to like you! So just be you!

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