The Five Sure-Fire Signs of a Healthy, Lasting Relationship

You want your partner to be more than just your partner. You also want them to be your best friend, co-parent, companion, confidant, and even a partner-in-crime, and you can achieve this by improving on what you already have in your shared lives.

This all starts with these five factors that you’ll see in any long-lasting relationship (and are good qualities to start building towards if you don’t see them):

1. You and your partner agree on core values.
Every person has a “non-negotiable” belief, whether it’s on the topic of children, personal habits and hygiene, politics and ethics, or even religion – and there’s a good chance you have them too.

However, relationships can still work even if you don’t agree with everything – if you’re willing to hear the other person out and work out a compromise, you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

2. You communicate constantly.
No relationship is without conflict. There’s going to be something you’ll come across that you’ll have different opinions on, and it could turn into a heated discussion.

However, what keeps both parties on track is good communication – honestly expressing thoughts and ideas in a caring manner with respect for the other party. In fact, it’s perhaps the biggest factor you’ll see in any working relationship.

3. You let yourselves be vulnerable.
Being able to share intimate details with a certain level of comfort is one of the biggest hallmarks of a relationship that’s going to last, and needs a lot of trust on both ends. This can span a lot of things, from your darkest secrets and deepest fears, to sex.

We go into relationships to be vulnerable, and by respectful with regards to our partner’s openness, we come out of the relationship as better people.

4. You have a balance between your relationship and other aspects of your life.
Whether it’s keeping in touch with your friends and family, or pursuing your passions and careers, you need to know how to balance that and your relationship.

While you need to prioritize your partner, keep in mind that you are also your own person – and so is your partner, and you need to allow your partner to develop and grow in the other aspects of their life.

5. You discuss the future a lot.
Other than having similar or complementing core values, it’s also great to share a similar view of where you’ll be heading in your lives in the future. Think ten, twenty years from now – what will you be doing for a living? Where will you be living? Will you have children?

If you can see these signs in your relationship, congratulations! You as a couple are going to last for a long time.

And if you don’t see it yet, don’t fret. What you need to do is to talk to your partner honestly and openly, and work out how you can improve your relationship from there.

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