7 Subtle Signs You Have Kidney Infection

The kidneys serve a vital role for the body’s overall wellness. This is the organ that helps our body remove waste, prevent toxicity and maintain the health of the entire body.

In case of kidney disease, subtle symptoms may indicate early signs of malfunctions. As the kidney problem aggravates, symptoms become more obvious and even more painful. Health professionals suggest recognizing these symptoms as early as possible to get the right medical intervention right away.

  1. Blood in Urine

Most kidney diseases start with bacteria travelling up the urinary tract, which can eventually find its way to the kidneys. And since women have shorter urethra, they are more prone to getting UTIs than men, thus increasing their risk of kidney infections. As the body tries to fight the bacteria away and gets rid of the infection, red blood cells get into the urine.

  • Pain When Peeing

Kidney infection can start with UTI; therefore expect the inflammation all over the urethra. The bacteria will not just infect the bladder and the kidneys, but also the tissues and the nerve endings in the urinary tract, triggering all pain receptors nearby—the reason why it’s painful to pee.

  • Foul-Smelling Pee

Notice a strong stinky smell whenever you urinate? That could be a sign of a kidney problem. The foul odor could be the fermentation of bacteria. However, it can also be a sign of dehydration. Drink more water and see if it helps tone down the smell. If not, get checked immediately.

  • Fever

Problems in the bladder do not usually cause fever, so a rise in temperature could mean that the infection may have travelled up to your kidneys. As your body heightens its immune response to the infection, your body temperature climbs.

  • Pus in Urine

In more advance cases, pus may be present in the urine due to build up of bacteria and white blood cells. At the point when you start to see pus in your urine, it’s likely that you have an alarming infection and that you should get checked by a doctor right away.

  • Dry, Itchy Skin

Other than removing wastes from the blood, the kidneys also promote production of healthy red blood cells and ensure that the body receives balance amount of minerals. An imbalance distribution of nutrients can cause dry and itchy skin, which signals a problem in the kidneys. Try if you can improve your skin’s condition by drinking more water.

  • Prolonged Backaches

Normal backaches without other complications are not signs of kidney problems. However, backaches accompanied by fever other symptoms in this list can be because of kidney dysfunction. The pain also feels deep and may extend at the side area below the rib cage.

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms quite often or have suddenly noticed symptoms that you haven’t experienced before, the best way you can do is to consult your healthcare provider.

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