6 Benefits of Meditation

Learning meditation can be an essential approach that we can utilize on a day to day basis to develop our mental and physical health for the better. Even Singapore’s Mother Teresa, Teresa Hsu used to wake up at 4 AM just to meditate.  Meditation can give us a calm, peaceful, and balanced way of living so we can eventually thrive as the best versions of ourselves.

1. Meditation reduces stress.

Meditation has been sought and is being practiced by many simply because of one thing, stress. Disruption of sleep, fatigue, an increase in blood pressure, depression, and anxiety are just part of the many harmful effects of stress. A meditation style called mindfulness meditation, being aware of our emotional and physical experiences, has been observed to have reduced the levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol.

2. Meditation also reduces anxiety.

Less stress eventually leads to less anxiety. Getting into the habit of meditation helps reduce anxiety and other issues like paranoids, phobias, social anxiety, and the like. Meditation may also help reduce work-related anxiety in high-pressure and workload heavy environments. It gives us the chance to take a step back and sort the essential ideas from thoughts that are unnecessary.

3. It improves concentration.

Another type of meditation is focused-attention meditation, which simply involves focusing on an object or thought. This works because of the concentration you bring on the certain object and not being distracted by other thoughts. With habitual practice, you will notice that you are able to concentrate with ease a lot more.

4. It Increases self-awareness.

Meditation may also help to develop a greater understanding of the self. With this, the idea is to earn a better awareness of your own thoughts.  This can help you recognize your thought process to help navigate towards the positive patterns of your thinking and avoid the harmful and self-conflicting ones. It can teach you to calm down, recognize your anger, and detach from it.

5. It benefits our overall health.

Because meditation induces relaxation, it causes our blood vessels to ease and open up, allowing blood pressure to drop. The lowering of blood pressure is also the effect of the reduced Cortisol that comes as a result of meditation. Meditation has also been seen to boost lymphocytes, the cells that improve our immune system. This results to the body to gain better resistance even against tumors!

6. It also helps to develop creativity.

                One type of meditation that helps with creativity is open-monitoring meditation. It involves observing the experiences in the present moment while maintaining attention and keeping it flexible. This enhances our ability to observe internal experiences like thoughts and emotions, while also noting external stimuli like bodily sensations of sound and smell. This ability helps improve cognitive flexibility and overall creativity.

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