5 Signs You Are Coming Off as an Unapproachable Person

There exist people who are just downright approachable. Whether they’re just walking down the street or hanging out in a bar, everyone flocks around them like moths to a flame. Then there’s the rest of us – the ones who appear to be unapproachable, sitting around and wondering what’s up with our surroundings. So how can you break free from appearing as an aloof person? Simply avoid doing the following habits when you’re around new people.

1. Having a Closed Off Body Language

One habit that makes you seem unapproachable to the people around you is having a closed off body language. A good example of this is standing with your arms crossed. We tend to read into body languages, and standing with crossed arms automatically sends a message that you want to be left alone. To correct this habit, simply keep your arms on your side and avoid wrapping them around your mid-section. Also, angle your body towards people so they’ll feel that you’re open to having a conversation with them.

2. Avoiding Eye Contact

Another sure-fire way that will make you come off as unapproachable is constantly avoiding eye contract. Because what’s more difficult than approaching a complete stranger? Approaching someone who won’t acknowledge your presence even with just a brief look. The best way to counter this is to recognize the people around you smiling and showing that you’re aware of their existence. Even if you’re hesitant to start a conversation, your demeanour will surely encourage them to approach you if they want to.

3. Excluding People in a Conversation

Think about the times when you find yourself chatting with new acquaintances. If you developed the habit of excluding people from a conversation – either by putting your back to someone or completely turning away – then that could explain why some of them didn’t bother striking another chit-chat with you.

4. Showing Little Interest With Your Appearance

While it’s advisable that you wear pieces that you’re most comfortable in, some occasions just call in for a little more grooming. Let’s say you show up at a colleague’s wedding in your favourite yoga pants. You might be comfortable with your yoga pants, but your casualness will surely put people off. While it may seem superficial, appearance does matter. Taking pride on how you look will make you more psychologically and physically appealing to others. Not to mention, easier to talk to.

5. Giving Off the Aggressive Vibes

Some people tend to mix aggressiveness with assertiveness. They often see being assertive as being rude, pushy or loud, when it’s actually the exact opposite. So continue walking the tightrope between assertiveness and aggressiveness by increasing your emotional intelligence and your people sensitivity. Don’t forget to consider the feelings of the people around when you’re being assertive, and you’ll be doing it just right.

By unconsciously doing any of these habits, you’ll definitely come off as an unapproachable person. So do put some effort on changing your ways and giving off a positive aura so you could lure in and meet lots of new people.

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