5 Social and Weird Fears that Actually Exist


Humans as we are, we all have fears. What frightens us greatly vary and in today’s society, lots of its kind are everywhere. An object may be of no effect on us but it can be very scary to another person. Odd as it may seem, here are the uncommon yet fears that really exist.

  1. The Fear of Beautiful Women (venustraphobia)

Some men feel uneasy or intense fear when they are being in the presence of attractive women. They just cannot simply stand being near them because it feels intimidating to the extreme. Sure, there is a significant difference between intimidation that guys feel around gorgeous women and a legitimate kind of phobia that suggests a serious fear.

There are various causes of Venustraphobia but more often than not, a traumatic experience with beautiful women can lead to such fear. For example, it may have been due to failed relationships (romantic or friendship) that led to mistrust, humiliation or abuse by an attractive female. Also, it says a lot about someone’s lack of self-esteem that was rooted from a particular past experience.

Symptoms differ from one person to another but obvious and extreme signs include: nervousness or panic attacks, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, difficulty in catching breath or chest pain—are just some of the red flags to watch out for just by being around beautiful ladies.

  1. The Fear of Touch (haphephobia)

Touch is one of the five languages of love and yet feeling dreadful about this can be one of the most devastating of its kind. Although it is uncommon, Haphephobia or the fear of touch suggests extreme uneasiness by being touched by anyone while some are only fearful when touched by opposite gender.

More often than not, the causes of this phobia are unknown but sometimes it has something to do with past experience such as sexual assault for example. Trust issue is a big deal to affected people that it takes time to build. Manifestations of this fear are quite easy to spot by just observing their reactions when an effort to touch or even an attempt is done, common reactions include avoidance, shaking or sweating.

  1. The Fear of Work (ergophobia)

Ergophobia is a deep and serious fear of labor or work. People who suffer this social anxiety are either afraid to find employment because they might be mistreated by co-workers or have past traumatic experience in the workplace. Symptoms are most likely the same with other fears but often, phobic persons appear normal while inside, their thoughts are about running away or crying from the situation.

  1. The Fear of Losing Phone Contact (nomophobia)

Nomophobia or the fear of no mobile phone is an anxiety that some people develop when they are not with their phones. According to a recent survey, the younger the age of the user, the more prone he/she is to develop such fear. This anxiety is heightened due to several reasons such as loss of phone, low or dead mobile battery.

  1. The Fear of Church (ecclesiophobia)

This fear is provoked when the affected person sees images that suggest fear from suffering while some feel that they are being watched over or judged when inside the church. Similar symptoms arise when being attacked this fear, seemingly breathless and shaking.

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