A Guide to Surviving Your First Blind Date

In the past years, blind dates usually meant a mutual friend set you up with a stranger. These days, however, dating sites and applications do the legwork for us. Yet regardless of how much you’ve been texting or Snapchatting beforehand, it’s no different from the ‘blind’ dates of yesteryear – the other party is still a complete stranger. That said, your first real life encounter with your potential partner should be handled with a low dose of expectation but with a high dose of openness. To help you master the art of blind dating, here are six tips to save you from your first blind date jitters.


  1. Be Equally Cautious and Curious

When going on dates, your mentality should focus on getting to know the other person. You’re meeting the person to learn more about him or her, as well as to see if you have some chemistry. But do balance your openness with extra caution since you’ve never met the person before. Some of the good ways to do it is letting your friends know where you are, tagging your location on Facebook, and choosing a busy and well-lit meeting place for you can never be too careful around a stranger.

  1. Skip the Dinner

Setting your first date at a fine dining restaurant puts a lot of unwarranted pressure on both parties, so choose a dating place that’s casual. Opt for cafés, pizzerias, or coffee shops near your area in Singapore to remove the formality that’s typically associated with a dinner date. Going on dinner dates set you up for a ‘dating interview’, which can be quite expensive and time-consuming to do for someone you’re not sure about. So keep the formality for your job interviews, and ditch it for your blind dates.

  1. Keep Your Expectations Low

Meeting someone can be exciting, especially if you’ve developed some chemistry through texting or Snapchatting. Still, building up a potential partner you’ve never met may cause you to self-sabotage if the person can’t live up to your idyllic expectations. To avoid this, simply settle with the goal of learning more about this person. Having this goal in mind during your date will make it more likely to succeed.


  1. Be Open With Conversation Gaps

If your nerves got the best of you and can’t seem to think of any intelligible thing say, don’t worry – and don’t assume that moments of silence during your date mean a lack of interest. Lulls in a conversation is normal, especially if it’s caused by first-date jitters or your self-inflicted pressure to come across as effortlessly cool. At the end of the day, you’d rather have a couple of seconds of silence that lead to a great conversation instead of frantically conversing just to fill in the void.

  1. Make Your Date Short and Sweet

A first date is more of an exploration to see if you enjoy each other’s company, and if you can build some rapport. But just like food, dates also have an expiration date. The longer a date goes on, the more difficult it’ll be to keep up the energy and enthusiasm. So keep your date between one to two hours to keep the energy going. You definitely want to part with both parties excited to see each other again, not exhausted after hours of chit-chatting. Keeping the date short also ensures that you won’t need an escape plan should the date go flat and boring.

  1. Ditch Your Escape Plan

Avoid going all high school and asking your friend to call you because of an ‘emergency’ just to escape your date. You’re an adult now, and that’s a sophomoric behaviour at best. Remember that the person made time to meet you, so follow through with your commitment. If you’re not really feeling it, just respectfully tell the person about it. Then, meet up with your friends to talk about how everything went.

Most blind dates don’t hold up to the rom-com standard we see in movies. But if you still choose to go on these dates, then be proud of how brave you are for doing it – and turn all your sour dates to great stories and learning experiences.


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