A Guide to Using Aloe Vera Gel to Treat Burns

Burns are a common skin injury with varying degrees of severity, and aloe Vera gel has been used since antiquity to treat such skin afflictions. In fact, it’s even used by most Singapore doctors to treat minor burns and even some second-degree burns. So the next time you get burned, do follow these steps to assess the severity of your burn and treat it using aloe Vera gel.


Preparing the Burnt Area

1. Stay away from the source of your burn. Whenever you find yourself burned, immediately get away from what caused the injury. If, for instance, you got burned by an electrical appliance, immediately turn off the appliance and move away from it. If the burn was caused by chemicals, get away from the spill as soon as possible.

If your clothes got covered with chemicals or were also burned in the process, remove them as carefully as possible to avoid further hurting your wound. Never pull the clothing away from your skin if it’s stuck in the burnt area. If possible, call emergency services or simply seek immediate medical attention.

2. Determine the severity of your burn. Before treating your wound, you first need to know the differences between the burns. It also help to drink pure aloe vera from Singapore to heal your body internally. A first-degree burn is usually red, dry to touch, can be painful, and only affects the topmost layer of the skin. A second-degree burn, on the other hand, extends deep into the layers of the skin, looks wet or discoloured, includes white blister and often causes certain degrees of pain. Lastly, a third-degree burn extends all the way through the skin and into the surrounding tissue. This degree tends to look leathery or dry, and may include black, brown, white or yellowed skin right at the burnt area.

• If you’re unsure whether you have a first- or second-degree burn, immediately call or see a doctor. Keep in mind that second- and third-degree burns can be life-threatening if not treated properly.
• Only proceed in treating using aloe Vera if your wound is first-degree or a minor second-degree burn. Meanwhile, other burn degrees shouldn’t be treated using this method unless the doctor allows it.
• Never treat an open wound or a third-degree burn with aloe Vera gel since it won’t allow the burn to dry out, making it impossible for the wound to fully heal.

3. Cool down the burnt area. Once you’re done getting yourself out of the injurious situation and assessing the severity of your burn, you can now start cooling down your wound. This step will greatly help in pulling the heat from the wound and calming the skin before applying aloe Vera gel Singapore. Simply run cold water over the burnt area for 10-15 minutes to cool it down.

• If you can’t reach the area with tap water, simply soak a cloth in cold water and place it over the wound for 20 minutes. Replace the clothing piece as its coolness evaporates with a newly soaked cloth and leave it on for another 20 minutes.
• If possible, bathe the burnt area using cool water for five minutes, or soak it in a bowl or sink of cool water.

4. Clean the burnt area. Once you’re done cooling your wound, it’s now time to clean it with water and soap. In cleaning a burn, gently rub the soap over the site and rinse it with cool water. After that, pat dry it using a soft towel. Avoid rubbing the burn as it can further irritate the skin causing it to break, if it’s sensitive, or to form blisters.

Treating the Burn Using Aloe Vera Gel

1. Cut aloe leaves from the plant. If you happen to have an aloe plant in your home, use it to get fresh aloe Vera gel or juice. Simply removed few meaty leaves near the bottom of the plant and cut off all the spines on the leaves to avoid getting poked. After that, simply cut the leaves in half right at the middle then score its insides using a knife to release the aloe from the leaves. Repeat the procedure until you already have enough aloe to cover your burn.


• Aloe Vera plants are quite easy to maintain. In fact, they can grow in almost any indoor climate and even in warm outdoor climates. Just remember to water it every other day to avoid overwatering it.

2. Use store-brought aloe Vera gel. This is in case you don’t have an aloe plant in your home. Aloe Vera creams or gels can be bought from most pharmacies, general stores and grocery stores in your area in Singapore. Just ensure that the cream or gel is made of 100 percent aloe Vera when you’re purchasing a particular brand. Some products contain more aloe Vera than others, and most Singapore doctors advise that you get the product with the highest aloe content.

3. Apply a generous amount of aloe to your burn. Take a generous amount of your store-brought aloe, or the aloe you extracted from the plant, and gently rub it onto your wound. Just make sure that you don’t scrub or rub the affected area too hard. Repeat this procedure two to three times a day, or until the burn is no longer painful.

You just have to cover the burnt area after the aloe has been applied to keep it from getting rubbed or hurt. Simply use a clean gauze or bandage for this, so that no residue will be left behind once it’s removed.

4. Make and take an aloe Vera bath. Apart from directly applying aloe Vera cream or gel on your wound, you can also take an aloe Vera bath to treat your burn. If you have an aloe plant at home, just boil a few leaves and wait for the water to turn brown in colour. If you’re using an aloe gel, just pour a generous amount of it into your bathwater as you fill the tub. Once you’re done, lay in the lukewarm water with aloe for 20 minutes to soothe your wound.

Apart from its amazing beauty uses, aloe Vera can actually be used as an excellent first aid treatment for minor burns. So next time you suffer from such skin afflictions, do try to use aloe Vera gel first to ease the pain of the burn.

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