A Woman’s Defense Against Attacks from Strangers

Nowadays, there are a lot of woman who are confident and feel secured whenever they go around Singapore streets (most especially during night time) because there are so many things that can save them. One of  those things are the roving police but this is not an assurance that you are 100% guarded by these men as they have other duties to do apart from roving around the roads. When this happen, here are some tips on how a woman should defend themselves in times of emergency situations like a man will try to rob or perhaps rape you.


  • Elevator ride with a male stranger: Most of time, men takes advantage on their masculinity. Thus, doing things that woman would have difficulty in protecting herself. In this kind of scenario, whenever, you will ride an elevator and your room is on the 15th floor. Do not hesitate to push all buttons as this will decrease the chance of being in trouble. By also doing this, nobody can dare to attack you because every time you reach a floor the elevator door opens. You have nothing to worry about this as the elevator buttons cannot be reset when it is all pushed.


  • Staying alone in your house: When a stranger dare to attack you in your own house, go straight to the kitchen. Here, this will be your safest point because you all know where the pepper and other materials that can become deadly weapons like knives. Whenever, you won’t find those things, scream loudly while banging something that would make a noise. This will scare the stranger and go away.


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