Best Ways to Distract Yourself from a Bad Haircut

Ever had a bad haircut that it feels like the end of the world? If yes, we feel you. It’s true that it’s just hair and that it’ll eventually grow back, but having a terrible cut can be extremely traumatizing on a personal level. While we can’t tell you how to fix your bad haircut, we can surely give you some good tips on how you can distract yourself from the bad hair situation in the meantime.


  1. Draw Attention Elsewhere. A good way to distract others and yourself from your haircut is to take the attention off your hair, like wearing a bright pink lippie. Your ultimate end goal should accessorizing in a way that keeps other people’s eyes from your new cut, and drawing it into a feature that you’re more confident about.


  1. Colour It. Adding in a multidimensional hair colour can make any choppy cut look even choppier, as it draws attention to the hair’s texture and the strand’s movements. So consider replacing your high- and lowlights with one colour to help in distracting from your poorly done cut.


  1. Add Some Volume. Curls and texture are two of the best ways to add some shape in your uneven cut. If you feel miserable for losing a bit more length than you planned to, then try waving things up and make your mane look bolder and bigger – you’ll barely miss the few inches you lost.


  1. Style it Up. Now that you’ve got an uneven cut, it might be time that you experiment on how you can wear your strands up your face, like styling it up in messy bun or a top knot. Be creative and have fun with your new cut until you finally feel confident on wearing it down again.


  1. Aim for Growth. One of the best ways to remedy your godawful cut is to grow it out, and hair grows best when you take optimal care of it. As much as possible, avoid excessive use of styling and heat tools, stay hydrated, eat well and take some vitamin supplement. Making right health choices is the key in getting stronger, longer and healthier hair later on.

Having a bad cut is really stressful and frustrating. But by doing any of these tricks, you’ll surely be able to wear your cut beautifully until it grows out to its original form.


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