Coping with Teen Pregnancy

Every society has their own share of teen pregnancy. Singapore is not an exemption. There are teen pregnancies here – some are subtle and some are obvious. Regardless, the reactions of the society are mixed. There are people who will accept the teen and her child but there are others that shun them.


Being a parent, you simply want what is best for your teen. Unplanned and teenage pregnancy are not good for her but if that happens, you cannot simply suggest abortion or adoption. You will even blame yourself for not raising her well. You should know that she needs you more than ever now.

If your teen is pregnant, you should know what to do and how to cope up. Here are some suggestions that you can use:


  • Process the feeling: It is indeed very hard to accept that your teen is pregnant. There are a lot of things she needs to do. You want her to enjoy life. Despite your teachings and reminders, she did that. You should understand that that is the decision of your child. You need to process your feeling because you are not the only one who is in shock or disappointed here.
  • Personal counselling: You should counsel your daughter. She made a mistake, she got that. You do not need to stress it. Other people may shun her but you cannot leave your daughter in the dark. It is hard to accept it but you should do it anyway. You need to talk to your daughter and together, think of better plans. You need to assure her of your love.
  • Getting support: As much as possible, you do not want your daughter to deal with teenage pregnancy. When it is there, you only need to support your child. The life of your daughter is not yet over. You can help her stand up. She needs your support. She learned her lesson and she will not do it again.Teen Counseling - Have a Tissue

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