Hot Yoga: The Basic Do’s and Don’ts

Hot yoga is slowly becoming one of the most popular ways to get fit. Not only is it ideal for working your muscles and butts out, it’s also great for relaxing your mind. But since the routine involves a lot of physical exertion and moisture, some health and beauty concerns will surely arise. To make everything clear, we consulted some beauty experts and yoga teachers about the routine’s basic do’s and don’ts to ensure that you’ll be able to exercise safely.



  1. Take advantage of the beauty benefits offered by the heat.

Not only is the humidity of the hot yoga room helpful in making you sweat out effectively, it’s also great for locking in your skin’s moisture. You can also take advantage of the humidity’s beauty benefits by applying a deep conditioner into your hair before working out and letting it condition your hair during the whole duration of the class. Rinse and shampoo it afterward for a softer and shinier hair.

  1. Drink some water only during and after your hot yoga classes.

Stay hydrated in the whole duration of the class by drinking water during and after your hot yoga sessions. Just be sure though that you’ll only drink lukewarm water to avoid counteracting the detoxifying effects of hot yoga. If you want, you can also mix an electrolyte tab or powder into your drink so that you’ll be able to replenish all lost nutrients and stay energized throughout your hot yoga session.

  1. Shower and change into fresh clothes once your class is done.

Since you’re attending a hot yoga class, it’s important that you bring an extra workout bra or just a regular bra to change into. Also, don’t forget to towel off the sweat in those areas when changing. As much as possible, avoid running errands on your way home without showering first because even if your sweat has already dried out, its residue will still cause acne breakouts.



  1. Don’t wear any makeup when going to a hot yoga class.

As much as possible, attend your hot yoga session without any makeup on as this will only cause some skin or eye irritation as you perform your yoga routine. If you tend to go straight to your hot yoga class after work, then throw a makeup remover in your bag so that you can easily remove all traces of makeup before hitting your mat.

  1. Don’t drink a lot of water before your hot yoga session.

While you might not want to go to class dehydrated, it’s also important that you don’t attend your hot yoga sessions waterlogged. When you drink too much water before your class, you’ll definitely feel bloated and will probably have to leave your class just to go to the bathroom.

  1. Don’t stack your yoga mat in a close bag.

To keep bacteria from breeding in your mat, carry it with a strap instead of keeping it in a close bag. If you have enough time, unroll and let it dry to get rid of the odour-causing bacteria.

Keep these important guidelines in mind as you start with your hot yoga sessions, not only to keep you safe but to get the most out of the routine as well.


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