How to Have Fun Travelling as an Introvert

Travelling as an introvert is one amazing experience, but can be challenging at times. After all, even if you love learning new cultures and meeting new people, you’ll need some alone time to recharge from all the social activities you’ve done. That can be difficult to find when you’re on the road and out from your usual routine. But fret no more, we’ve listed some useful travel tips to help you make the most out of your introversion and your overseas trip.


  1. Do It Alone

Introverted travellers often struggle finding the sweet spot between spending so much time socializing and so much time alone. But this can be easily controlled by travelling alone. Prefer staying in the same place for a week or so? No problem. Want to catch up with a friend living in a neighbouring city? Get on the next flight. There’s just lots of things you can do when you travel alone. Plus, it increases the possibility of meeting people since you’ll be forced to start a conversation with the locals or your fellow travellers in the hostel. Either way, you’ll discover your inner extrovert when you need it the most.

  1. Travel in a Small Group

If you’re not that fond of being a lone wolf, consider inviting one or two of your friends. As an introvert, you’ll likely have several close friends and they can serve as your perfect travel buddies. Approaching other groups will be easier with this set-up, since you won’t be doing all the small talks alone. Travelling in a smaller group also makes planning out your itinerary easier. Introverts are known to be excellent researchers, which means you’ll be able to expertly navigate the public transport system of the place and find the best kept secrets of your destination.

  1. Release Your Inner Social Butterfly

Introverts aren’t known to enjoy socializing, but when they do release their inner social butterfly, they’re more likely to create deep connections and maintain friendships even after their trip has ended. So don’t be scared to approach individuals whom you could establish lasting connections with. Although you’ll need your own space every once in a while, you should remain open to the possibilities of meeting new people.


  1. Immerse With the Locals

Introverts love spending more time reflecting on their surroundings and picking up the subtleties that other people miss. With these traits, you’ll be able to soak up the local culture and get a better understanding of the foreign lifestyle. Immersing with the locals will allow you to engage with them on a deeper level, and see the city or town in their perspective. Even if you need to find energy to socialize, learning to say ‘yes’ will open up your doors to amazing adventures you didn’t know you could have.

  1. Take Time to Recharge

Since you’ve already chosen your travel companions and have dedicated some time to be a social butterfly, it’s now time to think about your precious alone time. If you’re a true introvert, you’ll definitely want to use your ‘me’ time reflecting and creating things. So use those long bus and train rides during your trip to kick back and contemplate on things.

Getting enough alone time will provide you with a perfect opportunity to shut the world out and socialize. Whether it’s reading, capturing photos, or writing on your journal, do the things that you love without any distraction.

  1. Unplug From the World

While you’re recharging, you may find it helpful to unplug from the world. Travelling often leaves you with little or no access to technology and Internet altogether. Resisting the urge to check Twitter or Instagram gives you a chance to fully engage in a book you’ve always wanted to read, or to spot some picturesque sceneries. Don’t worry about posting updates every now and then, or fret that everyone’s having fun while you’re just chilling on your own. Remember that this is your trip and you have the right to do whatever you wish to do.

Travelling outside Singapore can be quite challenging for an introvert, but by putting these tips to work, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy your much deserved vacation all by yourself.


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