How to Keep Your Child Healthy and Wise

Keeping your child healthy is a challenge but as a parent, you should hope for the best and not think about its level of difficulty. In your home, you have to start inculcating to your child that healthy living will make his/her life longer and happier. You need to be a good example for them so it is required that you “practice what you preach”. There are many things that you can share to your child to live a healthy, happy and long life. You can encourage the following things to your child and hopefully he/she will observe and practice it:


1. Sleep

You notice that your child seems not to run out of energy. That may be true but they need a good and quality sleep to renew their energy. Your child’s development will be boosted if you encourage sleeping.

2. Right Foods

To fuel your kids on their daily activities, you have to serve or prepare the right foods. You need to prepare foods and vegetables so they will be properly nourished.


3. Physical Activities

If you want your kids to have a stamina or endurance to last the day, you have to encourage physical activities like school games, simple exercise, running or jogging. Exercise has plenty of benefits.

4. Personal Hygiene

If you want your child to live healthy, you have to promote personal hygiene too. You can start by encouraging your child to always wash his/her hands. You also need to teach them proper bathing. You can teach your kid how to cough or blow their nose without compromising the people around.

You did your part now it is time for the Napfa (National Physical Fitness Award) to do their own. Napfa presented a holistic review for schools to see how they are engaging their students in array of activities. The review will cover the participation of students in PE (Physical Education), display of attitudes and values (during PE) and many things. New and revamped syllabus of PE will be implemented in 2016.

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