How to Submit Your Art into a Gallery

There comes a time when a professional artist feels the need to submit their art work for reviews to art shows, museums, galleries and potential buyers in Singapore. This step should be planned in advance, and the material should be edited a couple of times to exhibit flawless artistry before it is finalized for submission.


But when you have finally submitted your work, do not expect to get an answer right away. Reputable art galleries receive volumes of artwork submissions to review and may take weeks or months before you get a response. Here are the things you need to do when submitting a work in a Singapore art gallery.

1.Look for a gallery that specializes in the type of art you want to submit
Though there are many art galleries in Singapore, each of them vary on the type of art they focus on. In order to have a bigger chance for your art piece to be accepted, you have to pick the right art gallery Singapore that promotes the type of artwork you want to submit. Galleries like vinci abstract art in Singapore have an abundance of oil paintings and sculptures. Galleries that specialize in a specific subject, material or genre are more suited to give constructive and significant reviews on the type of art you want to pursue.


2.Search for the gallery’s submission procedures
Once you found a gallery that focuses on your field of art, search in the Internet for the gallery’s official site and navigate through their page if there’s information given on how to submit an artwork to their gallery. Read and understand all the listed guidelines, submission policies, and requirements, and follow them accordingly. If there are no procedures or guidelines provided in their website, proceed with the following steps.

3.Answer all questions needed to be answered on the website
Many art galleries in Singapore require artist information, like contact number, email address, and a short biography. Some may even ask you to email them a link of your website where they can view your art pieces.

4.Compile a number of your best works in a portfolio
Choose a couple of art pieces you think will look appealing to the art gallery to which you are submitting. If you wish to submit a hardcopy of your art portfolios, know the proper layout of hardcopy submissions. Some art galleries accept exclusively digital or hardcopy portfolios, while others may require both digital and hardcopy.

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5.Make a slide of your 10 recent artworks
Another option is to save the pictures in a CD digital format. Just make sure that they are compatible to PC and MAC systems. Re-size the photos at a minimum of 600 dots per inch to ensure high-quality photos, and title each image file with your last name, artwork’s name and the year it was created.

6.Write a cover letter
Introduce yourself by writing a cover letter. Also include the main points why you believe your work should be accepted to the gallery. Include your art-related experiences, brief explanation of the type of art you’re working on and your artistic background in 400-500 words.

7.Write a proposal letter only if you’re requested to write an exhibition proposal
Include in your proposal letter an overview of the concept of your proposed show, nature and number of your works included, and the installation and timeline and installation details. After which, mail a marketing package to the gallery that contains your portfolio and cover letter. Follow up with a phone call if you haven’t received any response after a few weeks.

8.Visit the gallery if you’d prefer a cold call rather than portfolio submission
Dress well and check the art gallery schedule in advance to ensure you are not interrupting an important event or exhibition. Ask if you can talk with the manager, and explain the good points why you believe your art pieces should be accepted in their gallery. If the manager is not around or isn’t available, leave your business card. Your business card should contain all your contact numbers, email address and the website where they can view your works.

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