Improving Your Presbyopia

The development of Presbyopia, also known as lao hua in Singapore, is connected with the ageing process of the human body, and by the time you are above forty, you are at a higher risk of developing this condition. According to eye doctors in the country, it is due to Presbyopia that a large number of individuals who are above forty suffer from complications in both far vision and near vision.

However, modern technology has meant that this condition can be easily resolved and cured using very effective devices specially designed for treating Presbyopia, and they are special glasses. These glasses are also easily available for presbyopia in Singapore, and they can be categorized into various groups with respect to time to help to improve your eyesight. The earliest glasses for lao hua known to mankind happen to be the bifocals, which are very commonly used. They were basically invented by Benjamin Franklin, who also has the repute of being the most outstanding state man and scientist in the United States.

During the later years of his life, Franklin started experiencing certain eye problems and therefore, started working on developing an optical aid which would help correct his vision so that he may see both faraway and nearby objects with ease. Thus the bifocal glasses were born, and they follow a very simple concept to improve vision. They are basically composed two parts, with the top part being for far vision while the lower part is for near vision.

However, some individuals who wear bifocal glasses have reported that they are unable to see objects at an intermediate distance or at an arm’s length distance very clearly, and this led to more innovation in the design of the bifocal glasses. Designers therefore added another component in the bifocal version between the top and lower parts, giving birth to the trifocal glasses for Presbyopia patients.

These eye glasses consist of a middle part apart from the top and lower ones, and cater to different vision needs of your eye. While the roles of the top and lower lens are the same, the middle lens is to help you focus on the objects which are at an arm’s length clearly. While both these glass designs have been quite helpful as far as Presbyopia patients are concerned, they have their share of problems with the vision line being the most prominent feature that users have often complained about.

Some users in Singapore have even reported suffering from dizziness and headaches due to use. In case you are suffering from these side effects, you may consider wearing natural transition glasses which are also referred to as progressive glasses before you wear either of the Presbyopia glasses. At the end of the day, Presbyopia glasses happen to be the easiest methods through which you can solve your vision problems.

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