Questions to Ask Your Air Conditioner Repair Centre

Facing an air conditioning failure is perhaps one of the most annoying things you’ll encounter as a homeowner. Apart from making your home feel uncomfortable for an unknown period of time, you also need to look for a reputable service provider to have it fixed. But before getting in touch with any aircon servicing company, you should first prepare a list questions that will help you ensure that you’re doing all the right things as a homeowner. Here, we’ve listed down some of the key questions that will help you determine whether or not you’ve found the right service provider.

1. Are you a licensed service provider?

If a contractor wants to work in the heating and air conditioning industry in Singapore, they are required to obtain a license provided by the state. Having a license ensures that the company, particularly its technicians, received the necessary education and understood all the local safety regulations related to the air conditioning repair business. Being licensed, bonded and insured is what separates professional A/C repair companies from the shady repair contractors out there. Keep in mind that a worthwhile aircon servicing contractor would be more than willing to provide a proof of their certifications so their clients will feel comfortable hiring them.

2. Do you have an insurance?

A good aircon repair company should carry two different types of insurance – the general liability insurance and the workers’ compensation insurance. The general liability insurance covers any damage done to the contractor’s equipment or to your home if ever an accident occurs as the repairing process by Aircon Master contractors in Singapore takes place. The workers’ compensation insurance, on the other hand, covers the cost of missed work time or medical expenses and protects you from the liability in case one of their technicians get injured while working on your home.

3. Are all of your technicians well-trained?

To minimize the repairs you need to do in the future, ensure that all of the technicians that will be working on your A/C unit are experienced enough. Whether it’s an entire team or just an individual trying to get the job done, make sure that all of them can intellectually and physically handle the task at hand. After all, you wouldn’t want the vital parts of your aircon maintenance and repair to go into the hands of an untrained technician.

4. May I ask for a list of local references?

If a particular contractor is known to provide high quality work in Singapore, then they should have a list of satisfied customers who would willingly share their experience with the company. Aside from asking your A/C contractor for referrals, you should also spend some time looking for reviews and feedback about the company online. Websites like Yelp are the best places to visit for review, but don’t judge the company based on the positive reviews alone; you should consider how they handle negative feedback as well.

5. Can you give a written estimate of the repair?

It is one thing to discuss an aircon servicing cost on the phone, and it’s another having a comprehensive outline of the overall cost of the repair job. A detailed written estimate of your A/C repair will safeguard you from any surprise fees and assure you that the contractor is doing everything that they’re supposed to do. Getting hold of something to keep both parties accountable is great, especially if something unexpected happened on the day of your aircon repair.

6. Am I going to pay by the hour or by the job?

As much as possible, only hire an aircon servicing company that charges a flat rate for the repair job itself. If you get charged on an hourly basis, then your technician will likely take his time in fixing your A/C system; a two-hour repair job might turn into a six-hour task. You don’t know how complex or simple a specific part repair is – and some contractors have a knack for exaggerating things – so just play it safe and secure a fixed price before the job begins.

7. Are there any warranties for the work that’s been done?

Regardless if it’s a completely new unit or has undergone some minimal repairs, your air conditioning system will likely experience problems and need repairs in the future. With that in mind, be sure to ask your contractor about the kind of warranty they are offering. Knowing what the company’s warranty policy could serve as your safety net should the repair job be unsuccessful or the A/C installation goes wrong.

8. Will I still pay for any post-repair breakdowns?

Another important question to ask is whether or not you need to pay for another system diagnosis in case your air conditioning unit malfunctions again. Typically, such services is done for free especially if the technician failed to fix or misdiagnosed the problem of your unit right from the start. Remember that it’s their responsibility to provide you with quality aircon repair services, which is why they should be held accountable in case you experience any post-repair breakdowns with your A/C system.

As a paying customer, you deserve to know all the facts behind your chosen A/C service provider in Singapore. You might not be knowledgeable enough with these things, but you can do some research and look into your prospective company before hiring them. You’re paying a fair price, so it’s just right that you receive a quality and honest service from your contractor.

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