SG: One of the Best Places for Expats  


We search for jobs so we can sustain our lifestyles. Many people come here in Singapore hoping to get good salaries, benefits and packages. Singapore is welcoming these expats. In fact, there is a significant rise when it comes to the salaries, benefits and packages of expats here. This is according to the ECA International.


ECA International is a consulting firm that delivers data as well as software solutions to support companies in terms of managing international assignees or expats. ECA delivers data derived from the salary, accommodation, labour law, tax, benefits and the quality of life of expats in more than 400 locations around the world.

Here are some of its findings for this year:


  • Value of expatriate package: In the case of middle managers, they get a total package of US$ 259,000.
  • Ranking: In the region, SG is the 7th highest expatriate pay packages. Despite this, SG is still behind other neighbours like Hong Kong and South Korea. There is no surprise that Japan is still the highest expat benefit packages across the region. Japan is followed by Australia, India and China respectively.
  • How this impacts SG: The rising cost of expat packages here can discourage companies. However, if companies look into the quality of life here, this is a big plus in motivating expats.

Let us see where the expat packages lead many expats. At the end of the day, the important thing is having enough to meet both ends and still leave something for savings. Expats need not be afraid to explore the world outside their comfort zone.


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