Simple Lifestyle Tips to Save Money in Singapore

One ingenious way to stay beautiful and trendy without spending so much is by getting treatments from beauty colleges in Singapore instead of salons as there students carry out beautification of clients not charging any money. So whether you get waxing done on your hands and legs or go for that straightening of hair, remain in peace as you will not be charged a dime. Additionally, you can also leave off buying a car for now. If you can compromise a little by settling for a used car from a car rental company instead of paying full for a new car, you can save hundreds, even thousands of bucks. This money will come handy when you are ready for that lifestyle shopping.

Weekends can be costly; move out on weekday. It is common knowledge that tickets in amusement parks, flavors in ice-cream parlors, and tickets in multiplexes are much higher on weekends. So if you can manage, move out on weekdays in Singapore to save on your hard earned money. Keep an eye on the specials offered by restaurants on weekdays to grab a bite with the family instead of going out for a dinner on weekends. These are some tips to keep on saving without having to compromise with the quality of life in Singapore to be able to finally go for lifestyle products.

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