Taiwanese Movies You Should Watch


There comes a time when you just get so bored watching the usual Singaporean or Hollywood movies. It’s probably the over familiarity with the language and movie styles, but sometimes you just want to try on something new (just like how you’d like to try some new taste in food from time to time).


To satisfy your cinematic cravings, you can give Taiwanese movies a try – you’ll be surprised at how wonderful their movies can be. And it’s a big plus that they also have really good looking actors and actresses with superb skills. These are some of the most highly recommended Taiwanese movies you should watch:

Eat Drink Man Woman

This excellent movie from an excellent director, Ang Lee, has great cinematography and is every bit interesting to watch. It combines food and love between family members as the movie’s chef father meets with his grown daughters over Sunday dinners.

You Are the Apple of My Eye

This coming of age romantic comedy film is every bit brilliant with its lead casts and story plot. You’ll find yourself smiling and laughing over familiar jokes and pranks or flabbergasted over unannounced movie scenes that you can’t tell if it’s necessary for the story or merely just to provoke you. You’ll reminisce over your own high school romance, fall in love, and maybe even feel heartbroken.



Monga is a gangster film starred by good looking hot Taiwanese actors with superb acting performances. You may have watched plenty of gangster films already and think this is just another macho action film but this is more than that. Monga is a story of brotherhood, loyalty, hate, and love – think bromance macho style. The film is emotional, exciting, raw and fun.

Yi Yi: A One and a Two

Some stories are difficult and heartbreaking and yet we can’t stop watching them. Such is the movie Yi Yi: A One and a Two. This film is about a businessman but who does his best to be also a father and a family man.

Cape No. 7

Cape No. 7 is a romance comedy that features music and country life. It explores the story of a love between a couple that has been shared 60 years ago and discovered through mail love letters. It also features a local Hengchun rock band and Taiwan’s local politics. This is a very light and relaxing movie so you don’t need to have those tissues ready.


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