The 4 Kinds of People in Singapore

It’s very hard to know what on the mind of every individual most especially when you don’t really know them. Here in the country, it’s definitely a difficult duty when you are guessing on someone’s emotion because most of the time people tend to have mood swing. Luckily, most people here are not.


The four types of people in the country are:

  1. Happy People: Even though Singapore is not known to be one with the happiest people in the world, it doesn’t matter because as long as they think that they are happy. Being happy is not all about laughing out loud but it can be just a simple smile.
  2. Serious People: We all know for a fact that this country is one of the busiest nation in Southeast Asia. Therefore, many people here are taking all thing seriously.


  1. Dramatic People: No, we are not talking here about soap operas. Hence we are talking about emotional individual who have the guts to cry in every person that they think can help.
  2. Caring People: The values that are taught by our ancestors really made us immovable in any aspects. Whether it is about people or animals, we are willing to take care of them.

Now, when you saw these individual in the country, there’s no doubt that they are Singaporeans. Well, if you are not satisfied with their emotions or perhaps values, then you can ask them. For sure, they will answer you in a nice way.


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