The Fear of Parenting and How to Manage it  


As parents, we just want our kids to be good in whatever they do so they will not be left behind. We fear that if they do not do well in school, they will be left sweeping the floors and picking up garbage here in Singapore – which is not a pleasant sight at all.


This fear is common for parents and it is normal but if we let it guide our ways, our children will not become better. We have to face that fear and learn how to manage it. If our children got low scores particularly in math, we should not scorn them or compare them to other people or siblings. Think what it might do to their self-esteem.

The first thing parents do is to take away their child’s smartphone or ban internet use unless grades will be improved. We can just take away their phones because then we cannot contact them whenever they are out of our reach. So, the best thing is to swap it with an outdate phone so we can still contact them.


The second thing that we can do is go through their schoolwork and figure out the fundamentals that they need to pick for their level. There are different assessment books that we can consider. Of course, we need to consider their level before putting them into endless assessment books.

The last thing that we can do is commit an hour or two of our time to teach our children. Math especially needs plenty of practice and perhaps this is what we are missing. We can consider the things mentioned above or we can take the easy road and hire a tutor. Everything will depend on us.


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