Ways to Leave Your Job in Good Terms

You are leaving your work. You decided to finally part ways because you either feel tired or you want to look for more personal development. Whatever your reasons are for leaving your present job, you have to make sure that you leave in good terms. Do not dare taint your reputation if you want to land a good job after you resign.


When you are nearing your departure time, you have to behave. Do not act abruptly and risk leaving a bad impression. If you want to get good references for your next job, you have to ensure that you follow the following ways to leave your job in good terms:

  • Give few weeks’ notice. When you finally decide to depart, you have to give few weeks’ notice. There are companies that ask you let them know at least one month before you leave.
  • Be meek. You have to be meek or modest. Do not brag about your new work to your co-workers. Do not even try to isolate yourself or alienate your colleagues.
  • Do not put up a fight. You are leaving but it does not give you the right to fight or insult your colleagues. You have to be professional. Do not encourage fighting. It is better to depart without rifts.
  • Continue practising office protocol. You have to continue practising office protocol. You think that you do not need it because you are leaving soon. That is not an exception.
  • Organize your files. You have to leave your files organized. Do not just leave it hanging. You have to organize it so your replacement can keep up. Do not forget to train your replacement and teach him/her.how-to-talk-about-why-you-left-your-last-sales-job

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