Wedding Ring Search Tips

Choosing an engagement ring and a wedding ring should not be something to be afraid of, especially for the men. You just need to learn the basics of wedding bands. Read on to gain helpful information about wedding rings so you are sure to be getting the most of your money.

Basic Terminologies
When you go around malls and shopping centers in Singapore, you can find countless jewellery stores during your search that might interest you. And when you go inside a particular store, the attendant will try to address your concerns and ask what you are looking for. Now we will try to discuss some terms that are commonly used when talking about proposal ring or wedding ring.

Band is basically the ring. Usually, a band is made from platinum, silver, gold, and other metal combinations. A gold band that is for example bought in Ling jewellery in Singapore is naturally yellow-orange, and it is alloyed or combined with another metal to make it more durable. Less-pure gold are light yellow in colour. Platinum bands are strong and durable but tend to dull slightly over time.

Setting is that piece which holds the jewel in place, and is fastened to the band. It can be of two types: invisible or pronged. Singapore Wedding bands can have a gold band and a platinum setting. In that way, the gold band serves as a special background that gives contrast to the platinum setting. A wedding ring can also have a prong to hold the gemstone, keeping it safe and secured.

Gemstone is the most important feature of a ring. It can also be referred to as a rock. In most cases, the bigger the gemstone of an engagement ring in Singapore is, the more expensive it becomes. In Singapore, people usually choose a diamond as a type of stone.
Here are the 4 C’s of diamond rings that you need to know.

Diamonds are naturally colourless. However, there are some that have subtle hues of brown or yellow. A proposal ring with a diamond stone that has no colour becomes more valuable.

Diamonds can contain impurities. These are natural characteristics such as minerals and fractures. Wedding bands with fewer diamond inclusions has greater clarity, and therefore is more valuable.

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond, and does not relate with its size. A diamond may be big but has a lighter weight. Carat is often regarded as the most important key when assessing Singapore diamond wedding bands.

When we say cut, we are actually talking about the proportions and angles created when a rough diamond is transformed into a polished jewellery. Cut can bring out the best in diamonds.

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