Why Start-Ups Need Professional Logo Design

Every business needs a high-quality and well-thought logo to represent their company.

For many start-ups in Singapore, one of the ways for them to save on operation expenses is to design the company logo themselves or copy any logo they can find in the internet. While it can really save you a lot, the problem is that it will not make your brand stand out from thousands of businesses in the same industry.

Since you aim to stand out from the rest, make your own unique mark. It is important to let only a Creative Design Agency create your company logo.

Here are the reasons why we highly recommend professional logo design for your growing company.

1. Unique Identity

Take a moment and try to think about the logos of McDonald’s, Nike, Coke or Wendy’s. What do you think these logos have in common? Well, they are all globally recognized by consumers, and they allow people to connect with their companies through their branding.

Your business’ identity is extremely important, especially if you are a start-up, because if you fail to make your company stand out, your name will likely get lost in a crowded industry.

A logo that is professionally designed by a Creative Design Agency like Chun Tsubaki incorporates more than just visual appeal to the image; it is relevant ad has deep connection to the company’s core values and lets consumers recognize your company the next time they see your logo somewhere.

After you have designed your logo with a Creative Agency, you want to stamp it everywhere possible. Not only should your logo be seen on your website, but also on your letterheads, business cards, flyers, emails and in every advertising material. This will help your target market associate the logo with your offered services and products.

2. Instant Recognition

Among the primary reasons why you should get your company logo professionally designed by a Creative Design Company is the instant recognition you will get as a result.

Major brands and businesses know what instant recognition can bring into the table. It is the reason why athletes buy their basketball shoes from that check marked store or you bought your truck at Ford.

When you have your business logo designed by a Creative Agency in Singapore even when you are still a start-up , once you get that logo out in the public, consumers are going to see it, see it more often, and then eventually recognize your name amidst all the brands in the same industry. Once you got your logo inculcated in people’s memory, the next time they see it, they are likely going to try your services or products.

3. Professionalism of Your Company

Observe some of the logos of your competitors. Regardless the simplicity or complexity of the design, you can tell which ones look like they were just copied somewhere and which looked professionally crafted.

Professional Creative Design Services can make your logo look like it is well-though, sending out the signal that your company takes things seriously and professionally. That is the kind of association you need when building your business’ credibility and earning your target audience’s trust for your company.

Know that consumers associate great image with high-quality services. When your logo shows a strong image of quality ad assurance, you get more partners and consumers wanting to do business with your company.

4. Tell Your Story

The company logo is also a way to give consumer’s an idea of your company’s story. For example, the Apple company uses an apple as logo because it is associated with learning, knowledge and information. The apple has bite, or “byte,” on it to create a play on words. Through the company’s logo, when people see the Apple logo, people immediately associates it with technology and innovation.
Just like Apple, and other popular brands, your company logo can carry your business’ story. It subtly communicates the company’s background and values to consumers without overwhelming them.

5. Investing Now Saves Time and Money In the Future

If you decide to set aside professional logo design and go for instant solution of copying anywhere online, you will likely have to go though design overhaul in the future—in many cases, more than one overhaul.

However, if you choose to have your logo designed by a Creative Agency early in the game, you can assure the longevity of your quality logo design. Investing on a quality logo one time is more economical than paying for subpar logos multiple times. Not to mention the waste of time when you have to redesign a logo more than once.

6. First Impression Matters

Perhaps, you know very well that you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Whether it is your website of the logo in your email’s heading, potential business partners and consumers will judge you immediately based on the visual appeal alone.

High-quality logos that are professionally made by a Creative Design Agency help businesses build credibility—and that is priceless! Regardless how great your products or services are, you will not be able to pull in new consumers if you are not inviting enough for them to try out.

Many small businesses in Singapore realize the value of great logo design, but there are also some that don’t. Whether you are just starting it out or have been in the industry for quite some time, it is critical to know the importance of great branding for your business’ bottom line.

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