Why You Need Hugs Everyday

You can’t cope up in a fast-paced society like Singapore if you’re slow. Everyone’s in a rush work and come home late. When they come home, it is understandable that they are too tired. But they should not be too tired for hugs. Hugs are needed for the mental and emotional health and development of our children.


This simple gesture mean so much to our kids so don’t underestimate it. Hugging is an effective healing therapy. In fact, researchers said that hugging (as well as laughing) is effective when it comes to healing sickness, depression, stress, anxiety, loneliness and other negative feelings. Here are the detailed benefits of hugging:

  1. Builds Sense of Safety and Trust. Hugging is a great way to let someone feel that he or she is safe. Hugs are also great in building and strengthening trust.
  2. Boosts Oxytocin (the “Relaxing Hormone”). When you feel lonely or sad, a hug can give you an instant boost of oxytocin. Oxytocin help improve feelings and therefore make people feel better.
  3. Releases Serotonin (the “Happy Hormone”). Research shows that the body releases serotonin when hugging. The serotonin is effective because it elevates one’s mood and make things more pleasant.
  4. Strengthens the Immune System. You will be surprised to know that the hugging can strengthen the immune system. The gentle pressure on your sternum when hugging rouses the thymus gland. This gland regulates the body’s production of white blood cells. WBC will keep you healthy.
  5. Improves Self-Esteem. Hugs are nurturing and can improve self-esteem. Self-confidence and positive self-image are results of affectionate physical contact. The loving embraces of the people around us make a big difference at the end of the day.
  6. Relaxes Muscles. You will notice that when you are hugged, you let it take you. You unconsciously relax and the tension in your body dissipates. Hugging can also soothe aches, both emotionally and physically.
  7. Relationship Investment. You can never day you are in good terms if you haven’t exchanged hugs. Hugs serve as a relationship investment. Hugging effectively inspire understanding and empathy.

Hugging can do so much. Do not let the day pass without acquiring the benefits of hugging. It is safe and free. If you go to work, even if your kids are sleeping, let them know that you care for them by hugging them. When you come home, hug them as often as you can. Hugging will not exhaust you. In fact it will make you stronger.


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